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    Experimental Sdhc Support For Gp2x

    Works great, thank you a lot! :D
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    Gp2x For Life Released

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    Gp2x For Life Released

    It is, but I first noticed it when uploading my version. Happens.
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    Gp2x For Life Released

    Yeah some 3D boxes as cells and a nice flying camera would make a sweet demo I guess.
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    Throwing The Towel In

    I usually stop a project, when I got the feeling it will work. It seems like there is no more challange and there is another idea inside my head wich wants to me realized. Wich will also result being dumped after the "core" is written. Finishing a game is damn hard.
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    Gp2x For Life Released

    Nice Ideas, I might add some of these but actually I didn't want to ... spend ... too much time on this since it was more like a "get to know SDL project". Thanks for the comments. Benjamin Peter aka dedeibel
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    Problem Using Sdl_ttf

    wow, just tested it on the gp2x - I thought if it doesn't work on the pc I don't need to try it on the little fellow. Strange thing but on the gp2x it works. Maybe there is a problem in my Version of the ttf or sdl. @torpor I am allready using SDL_GetError and TTF_GetError, I tried adding...
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    Problem Using Sdl_ttf

    Hmm, very strange. I hate those kind of problems. I will double check everything tomorrow and re-read the ttf doku. Maybe I find something, if not ... I don't know. :( Thanks.
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    Problem Using Sdl_ttf

    Okay, will do that. But it changed nothing. Any more Ideas? OpenFont does not return an Error but the TTF_RenderText_Solid fails for some reason.
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    Problem Using Sdl_ttf

    Hi, I want to have a some numbers displayed on the screen and since I am using SDL I wanted to realize it with SDL_ttf Now I get some errors like: TTF_RenderText_Solid: SDL_UpperBlit: passed a NULL surface Here is some code, maybe you could have a look. The method draw will be called...
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    Gp2x Mencoder Bash Script

    Hi, I created a bash script for encoding Videos with mencoder (mplayer) for the gp2x and thought maybe someone finds it usefull. It is meant for ppl who don't like to remember their default settings and have the gp2x-ready movies in one directory. You can set a default directory (outputDir)...
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    Gp Lady Killer V 0.6.1 Beta 1 Released

    wow, works really fine allready. But maybe a small Readme for ppl who don't know the game would be nice.
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    User Review On The Gp2x

    Nice review, thanks. But it seems like you got a bit more carefull. The gp32 got 8 with buggy Firmware, the gp2x didn't?!
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    Lots Of Skins To Come

    Nice work guys. But where are the chicks? B) :rolleyes: B)
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    Gp2x Vids

    Some videos were allready stored at in the misc section. If everyone keeps posting files we could have everything in one place.