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  • Is it the afterMath yet? ..it can take time to fully accept. And toys must be thrown.. because that's what you do with toys - Throw them! :D
    Who do I serve? Nothing! ...What do I command? Nothing! ...What Am I? NOTHING! ...You think you're quite something don't you?
    Sorry for using your avatar in a poster I used and not asking permission first. I hope it is OK?
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    No prob.
    It was a pleasant surprise! ;3
    I am but one... and I have no fear.... my kin are prepared in ways they cannot imagine. Foolish insects.
    They thought by committing certain unspeakable acts, they could hide themselves behind a veil of darkness none could penetrate.
    Is we are not afraid to indulge our minds in ideas most of you are too ashamed to even really think about.
    You cannot hide the truth. Or turn it into a lie.When you see through a make-believe story, you will see he's just a hurt,damaged little boy
    In spite of being dog tired, super excited I'll be seeing mother dearest and my PYTHON BOOKS on Tuesday ;)
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