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    Pandora repair - damaged shoulder button

    I bought a second Pandora a few years ago so that I would have backup in case the one I carry every day was damaged. My girlfriend manged to drop it, damaging what I assume is some form of momentary switch behind the button itself. Is this something I could have repaired by the DragonBox shop?
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    Can't select a shipping option

    I'm trying to purchase the nub replacement for my Pandora on When using the Calculate Shipping button it provides me with three options but does not allow me to select any of them; they are not clickable and there is no button beside them. I can click on the Add to Cart button...
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    Command line parameters when executing a PND?

    I'd like to be able to supply command line parameters when running a PND like Darkplaces, just not sure how to do it. If there is a document on the subject I'd appreciate it if you could point me in the right direction. Thanks.
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    Hhexen Doesn't Load

    It's been a great weekend for my Wiz - got Duke Nuke'em, Commander Keen and Heretic running. Hexen, however, freezes at the loading screen. The WAD file is good - I can play the game. Anyone else have this issue? There is no log file generated, so I'm not sure where to start...