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  1. comradekingu

    Kensington lock

    Can anyone get the kensington lock to work? Goes about 1/3+ of the visible hole on the other side. I took the chain off one to use it like ED did with the lanyard hanging from the neck with the Pandora. It doesn't work on my case, gray one, I think early production. Will try the translucent one.
  2. comradekingu

    Finding software opportunities and common ground

    The opportunity of selling more Pyras presents itself, along with the danger of putting them in the wrong hands too early. Exactly 2500 devices can be sold before having to source new LCD-panels, leaving ~ <1500 up for grabs. Right now current-users-and-similar is good, whereas "have never used...
  3. comradekingu

    Anyone going to 36c3?

    In Leipzig?
  4. comradekingu

    A case of carbonara The pelleters are in Looks to be AZ1900
  5. comradekingu

    Bike pickup and shipment from -- Blackpool?

    I bought a bicycle on ebay. Looking for someone that can pick it up, package and send it to me. Or you could just hold on to it for a while, as the search continues. It is in Worthing, which is close to Brighton.
  6. comradekingu

    Londoners for FastLoaders last ninja gig. (one ticket left, last call) Got tickets, need Londoners. Or anyone else that wants to go.
  7. comradekingu

    Apply for sustainable development funding? I have experience writing applications for grants. Do you think this initiative is worth the effort?
  8. comradekingu

    Friendly Linux|Gnu

    Recently I read this "Users were angry that clicking the cross to dismiss the box meant that they had agreed to the upgrade." speaking of the windows 10 "upgrades". To which I think, yes, that would anger me too, but i don't use it, and I can offer information and help to switch to Linux|GNU...
  9. comradekingu

    Sales How to convert a pre-pre-order into a pre-order

    A pre-pre order is a voucher code that will need to be converted into a pre-order. All it does is reserve a spot in the queue. First find the email sent out by called "[DragonBox] Thanks !" In it you will find a voucher number "We are pleased to offer you a gift voucher...
  10. comradekingu

    Remove user status and postcount to save vertical space on short posts.

    Right now one-liners are shorter than avatar+description. One line of which is the user status. Meaning most posts are needlessly long by wasting space. It will redundantly say "Member" for 9k+ people, and then "Moderator" for a few, and "Administors" for ED, even as user description. I propose...
  11. comradekingu

    Regular users can create articles and videos.

    If you press + Create top right hand corner, you will be taken to the process for adding new content to these categories.
  12. comradekingu

    Show your desk (Merged with Prior Thread)

    Here is mine: Photo taken with xperia active phone, will use the real camera next time. What does your PC setup look like? Do you have a console-game setup? Want to show which items you carry around with you? Give help and hints. Share your own.
  13. comradekingu

    Explaining keyboard layout proposals. Fn hotkeys updated, language switching, powertoggles etc

    Layout editor link and AltGr layer   Typewriter functionality: Each button has three parts [1 2 3]   First is normalclick, second is shift+ and third is AltGr+ International support: The green area makes it a functional layout. Typing English and coding <> [ ] { } is the default, and having...
  14. comradekingu

    Testing alternative Layouts that require single-width space. INTL layout vs Big Space, and other key

    After a discussion with ED, it is time for the fan favourite, the vote. Before you cast a vote, please read the writeup presented:   Latest layouts: Updated 11 august 2014 Saber WB2perkey WBlessclutter Comradekingu   Proposed layout (see above for updated layouts)...
  15. comradekingu

    Un-boxing the box. Case of the outer casing.

    Since this proved to be a more engaging topic, lets have it in a thread of its own: Unboxing: I really like the idea of having a unit that doesnt depreciate value as you open the box. To remove the silly no-dust plastic bag, to remove the silly "screen protector" film, a cardboard box that you...
  16. comradekingu

    Enhancing desktop; Visuals, tweaks and installed software.

    Lets try to gage interest and find something nice. OS:Debian jessie 8.0 with DE: Mate 1.14 Everyone can help translate Mate to their language now Xfce 4.12. Everyone can help translate Xfce to their language now...
  17. comradekingu

    Charge options to combat range anxiety and avoid shipping Ac/dc usb charger

    Since range anxiety is a thing, and that fear sometimes is just fear of change/unwarranted. With how good battery time is, it shouldnt be a problem, but it is. I have forgotten my pandora charger _once_, and i still remember it as being annoying, things like that stick. And that little barrel...
  18. comradekingu

    The marketing of crowdfunded free software, open hardware (OP, n900, novena, pyra)

    Topic started as i found this: Laptop for hardware hacking, fully free drivers, no NDAs, open hardware, debian. I suspect this might be welcomed news for several members on here. It has met its goal and one stretch goal has already been...
  19. comradekingu

    Screw decisions for assembly

    The pandora screws are regular types, and its easy enough to strip the screws. Considering where they are, its not that easy to mend the situation once damage is done. Changing to pozidriv might help, and better, harder screws too.  Screwing into plastic isnt ideal, but thats harder to do...
  20. comradekingu

    Hardware projects that would be a nice addition to the dragonbox omniumgatherum

    Bonus for open hardware and free software, here are my first finds: N64 HDMI output and N64 development cart  Colourhug+  (spectrometer) Would be really nice to have...