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    I don't think we have a topic for this... I bought this game on the 20th I think (so I'm pretty new), managing to get in before the Beta came out (higher price, updates no longer free). I'm loving it. Easily one of my favourite games this year. I'm more into the exploration/experimenting side...
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    Who's Staying?

    Well someone had to make this poll. I've made it public because I'm assuming that no-one will have any shame in their decision. It's to get a rough idea of how many are staying here, and how many are moving to Craig's forum. Obviously, this applies to Pandora people only (those active or...
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    Gp32X Is Not Good Enough

    Apparently. Recent tweet from Craig: I'm just interested to hear who in the Pandora section would be happy to 'move' there. I know there was some resistance when Chip tried to move people to openhandhelds (or whatever it was called). Possible reasons for Craig wanting a new forum? - The iCP...
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    New Icontrolpad Pictures

    Craig recently tweeted some pictures of iControlpad parts, so I thought I'd open a new thread. These pictures are of the iCP 'clips', which secure the iDevice to the unit itself. I'm not sure whether the clips shown are for the iPhone or iPod Touch. Craig tweeted last week that we could...
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    Mellow And Yellow

    The ad on the forum's side panel now points to a dead website. It's been like this for about a month. IIRC it was a company run by Hando's friend, or something like that. Maybe ED could replace it with an ad for his shop? Say goodbye to the hot bass player.
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    What books are you reading at the moment? I'm out and I need suggestions. I finished the Stieg Larsson trilogy recently; absolutely amazing. I'd suggest it to anyone. Conn Iggulden is also good, I do love a bit of adventure. At the mo I'm skim-reading 'Bad Science' by Ben Goldacre. Pretty...
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    The Caanoo Information Thread

    General Information The Caanoo is GamePark Holdings' new console. It is the successor to the GP2X Wiz, and some have described it as an 'upgrade' to that console. This is because it adds no more power (other than an increase in ram), and is mainly a change in form factor and screen size...
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    Some More Mods

    Discussion started in this thread. With the release of the Caanoo just around the corner, I think we need some new moderators who will be active in the Wiz/Caanoo section. There are none at the moment. Simple as that really :) . Nominate people below. I nominate Peter R :) . Edit: I'll also...
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    Caanoo Pre-Orders Have Started!

    This news section needs some love. I shall bring it in the form of hearts (♥) and news (see below). The Caanoo is now available for Pre-Order at EvilDragon's shop! Orders went live yesterday sometime. See here for more info, or hop to it and order one here.
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    Favourite Idevice Apps/games

    I'm not sure if we've had a topic like this, but meh. List your most used/favourite iPhone/iPod touch games and apps here. I'm up for some new iPod Touch games, but it's hard to pick out the gems from the pile of shovelware My list: Games - Plants vs Zombies: Really great game. I haven't got it...
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    Dear Mr. EvilDragon, I would dearly love to have a shoutbox at the top of the board index page. It would allow for quick questions to be asked, so a new thread doesn't have to be opened every time some retard fails to charge their Pandora. Any spammers could be quickly banned (from the shoutbox)...
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    Fellow Off-Topicers(Eh?): Reveal Yourselves

    Hello there, You shall now reveal your virtual self, because you're too pussy to take part in the real men's thread. comme ça. Exophase show us that bootay. PS: Yes, it is time for a very silly topic. Teehee.
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    How Many 'slots' Are Really Left?

    Well I've seen a few people cancel on these boards, and I've also seen people get one of the 'few remaining slots' left for a preorder. But how many are there really? 20? 30? 500? Just though it would be interesting to know how close to the 4000 they actually are. Maybe they are futher away...
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    Fast Reply

    Why Does The 'Other Stuff' section not have Fast Reply? Most of the other sections do, which is pretty weird. Ta.
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    Any Musicians In The House?

    Who here plays an instrument? I play the Piano, and it's one of my passions. I passed grade 8 piano when I was 12, if that means anything to you. So what can you play? Piano? Harmonica? Trumpet? Mouth? Any instrument you'd like to learn? I like playing neoclassical music mostly, pieces by...
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    Icontrolpad Updates!

    Just thought I'd let people know that the iControlPad is nearly finished! As you can see from the website, units will soon be sent out for review. Craig has also given out some other info via his twitter: Wow! Cozy! Village hall like the Pandoras? Also, Zodttd, the main developer for...
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    Gp2Xwiz Site

    I know that no one actually goes to this website anyway, but it's coming up in firefox as a reported attack site. My understanding is that Craig runs it, any ideas Craig? Oh, I was thinking of the .uk site. This site is GPH's, and I remember they had a virus problem on their old site (before...
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    The Really Stupid Forum Game

    This is for anyone who isn't knowledgeable enough to compete in NOVA'S GAME OF MUSIC. Now V2! The aim of the game is simple, attempt to type your username with just your elbow. New in V2: Type with either your elbow or your face! Use of any other appendage or phalange will result in your entry...
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    8-Bit Trip

    Edit: Ok, I'm guessing youtube imbed doesn't work Edit2: Thanks, trooper :)[/media]
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    Game Contents Open Store GPH will soon be giving us an awesome website, offering exciting homebrew downloads for the Wiz taken straight from this comminity.... Oh wait, we can do that already.