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    lack of fresh development ideas

    This is a little bit related to gp32, but here's my thoughts on development ideas... Recently I've been playing old games on various GP32 emulators and it's made me come to the conclusion that there seems to be very little "imagination" when it comes to games these days... But I'm not talking...
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    gpgames compatibility

    has anyone had a similar problem with gpgames (solitaire, tetris etc) where the screen is corrupt and unplayable for every game? for example in solitaire the cards are visible but the faces are all corrupt.... just need to play some solitaire on the road!! (and MS's Entertainment pack on the...
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    GP32 PinMame- is it possible on GP32

    I was wondering if PinMAME or any other pinball emulator could be ported over to the Gamepark?? I don't think there is any source available for Visual Pinball (which seems to be the most popular), however PinMame source is available. Does anyone think this would be possible? I can't imagine...
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    gameboy color emulator

    with all this talk of a decent gba emulator in the dreams of most people, I actually would prefer a gameboy color/mono emu that runs at full speed with sound and save (well until a GBA one come's out... ;-) ) Are there any other emulators being worked on for the gbc? It seems a bit strange that...
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    can this vers of mame be ported?

    I remember Mamed was released on the Dreamcast a couple years back, and the same guy had ported it over to digital cameras. The source is available for Mamed on this page- I dunno how possible it would be to port it over to the gp32, but it did have some...
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    xcade, any updates?

    are there any plans for an update to Xcade for the gp32? For an initial release it's pretty good! Pity there's no sound at the moment and some of the roms don't seem to get recognised (although they're taken from the palm version). Just a thought for a feature request, it would be very nice to...