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    Pixel Qi Screen

    Yeah, it's a shame there's not some other way to make something like this work. I too pine for a screen that can be as easy on the eyes as an e-reader in daytime...
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    Trying to find a fair solution

    ED, your willingness to help out is pretty incredible, and greatly appreciated by me, and I hope at least a few others who ordered from Craig. At this point, it seems to me that I've made all the wrong choices at the wrong times and doomed myself to really receive nothing. The last nail in the...
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    Ordered in 2009 from craigs shop

    I guess I'm just 100% fucked at this point. Having realised that I won't be getting a unit anytime soon and needing the money (Ha!), I decided to go for a refund. But of course refunds don't happen either. I'm at a point where I expect to not get my money or a Pandora. ED's doing awesome heroic...
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    A further update on preorders (18th of November 2012)

    Yeah, that. I'm sure there's not much that can be done about it right now, but the fact that a huge refund recently had to be made (which put us in the present dilemma), combined with the fact that we're trying to get refunds and being left in the cold... Well, it makes me feel like there's an...
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    A further update on preorders (18th of November 2012)

    An update on refunds would be helpful. Even just letting us know what exactly the plan is would go a long way.
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    Catching up (2012-11-09)

    I've asked for my refund at this point. My interest in this project has waned after 3 years, and I'm short on money these days. I guess I've had all I can take for now with the ups and downs of the project. ED: You're superhuman for keeping the Pandora together after all these setbacks...
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    Let's go - Help wanted :) (2012-10-01)

    And it was a valiant effort. Seems like he's a bit too high strung to take in what you're saying, though.
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    Let's go - Help wanted :) (2012-10-01)

    It's a shame I don't have my Pandora yet... I would kind of like to try my hand at LPs, which could potentially tie in with the OP youtube channel idea.
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    Right, let's start recovering this?

    It's always good to get updates - even when the news isn't good. It's getting pretty hard to hold on, to be honest. With ED's new business plan, I got excited and thought that preorders would be taken care of in a fairly short amount of time. I guess this is my fault for misunderstanding...
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    100% success! (2011-12-24)

    This is totally awesome news! I only hope that a flood of "upgraders" doesn't significantly delay the rest of us getting ours! But with stable production, I assume it shouldn't be an issue. ED, I have no idea how you've managed to find the psychological resources to get through all this, but...
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    Next pandora (competition model)

    With something like pixel qi or mirasol, e-ink wouldn't really be necessary. I think it would be a really good idea to look into a display like this. If the pandora could display in a way that was easy on the eyes and clear in natural light, to me there would already be no reason to think about...
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    Happy Birthday to EvilDragon - One of the Pandora Kings!

    ED, you're doing a really incredible job. Happy Birthday and thanks for all your hard work!
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    Nintendo ds emulator

    dude, that's the most amazing part! like, none! but thanks to me, the 3ds can now be emulated perfectly!!!!! and that's just my first post!
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    Nintendo ds emulator

    you guys, rumble can be accompblished by super high volume bursts of sub-sonic frequencies. the camera can be emulated all you have to do is make it so that when you press a button, the ldc screen reverses polarity so that it takes light in rather than giving it off. this is like when you use a...