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    Linux Problem

    I suspect its not set up as a udev rule, but I'm guessing wildly I I only ever set it up manually. plug in and have a look at the tail of dmesg.
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    The Linux Scene

    How off topic is this. Typical Linux First it was soundcards, then it was modems now wireless. I thought this came about, because of the the whole centrino marketing. I thought there had been good drivers for a long time under BSD, and recently become a lot better under linux. I suspect most...
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    Anyone Tried The Vista Public Beta?

    Just as I was having a good laugh at fluffy. The conversation moves to poland and fans. I'm shocked. This is the funniest thread I have ever read ever. I particularly liked the ubuntu vs vista screenshots. I can actually feel my knowledge seeping out of my ears as I read fluffies posts. I vote...
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    Command & Conquer - Freecnc

    FreeRa updated Freecnc
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    Aliens Versus Predator 1

    People are getting quite mean :angry:
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    I can see why someone should want this; its definately *the* quake engine at the moment. Its refreshed my interest in FPS on the PC. Although the benefits of this on a little tiny handheld are kind of limited. This with DoomsDay, JFBuild, Hammer of Thyrion etc along with the high resolution...
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    Psx4gp2x Beta Testers Thread

    those would be calfs, unless they were dwarf cows and dwarf cows are too frightening to talk about.
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    GP2X The Pitiful State Of The Open2x Project ..

    Mplayer is not part of the kernel rant If its good enough. Why are people interested in creating an alternatine. Because those two processers are particularly easy to use, and all that memory is easy to access. It does need an update. Its currently just a deterant from others starting a...
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    More Gp2x In The Press

    Awwww I like her
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    Another Badly Researched Gp2x Article!

    I hate to say it, but I don't get what your whinging about. I never expect to see a decent review. The reviews of late have got more and more upbeat about the GP2X. Its not factually accurate, but for the main. Its not factually acurate in a positive way. It beats the early stuff which are all...
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    Disgrutled Pg Tips Purchase

    I was excited at the prospect of getting a Foot-mug with a pack of PG's, especially since I was particularly impressed with the Foot-bowls offered in 2002 by kellogs in plain, concave football inside, and the classic minimalist football pitch which I save for special occasions(usually involving...
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    Gp2x Kernel Updater

    I get the Dave Award I thought this was a new thread and downgraded to 1.10 :P
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    Ps3 = £425 Without A Game

    I'll bite becuase I can £425. That will buy you at least one card and the power supply and memory.
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    Ps3 = £425 Without A Game

    If it comes with linux, and is more powerful than my desktop. I'm getting one. :angry: now if they had only not taken those 2 usb and 3 network ports off the back
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    Linux Distros

    For the love of GOD, at least let it be 98se
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    Hu6280 Alpha V0.5 Released

    Stealth releases aren't fair
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    Working Emulators?
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    Fun With The Pc's

    It surprises me that people only use there computer for Porn, Music, and two websites. So I though I'd start a list. 1) Find aliens 2) Play vinyl records 3) Become a games console 4) Record TV shows 5) Tell the temperature 6) Copy ringtones to your phone
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    GP2X Linux Mugen On Gp2x?

    No still over top. Use the search button, and see how many times I've wanted this, and mentioned the source.
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    Dissapointed At The Short Lifecycle Of Original Xbox

    It was a good post and you know it.