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    External 3G antenna plug

    I sometimes visit areas with extremely bad reception and it's much easier to buy external antenna then deal with cell phone signal amplifiers to increase coverage. I think it would be good to have the ability to plug external antenna to Pyra to use it, for example, as wi-fi hotspot. SMA...
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    Battery hot swap and external charger

    Since pyra will have less battery life than pandora it's interesting to look at options to increase it. Because ED told that he's a little afraid to order another type of battery from manufacturer that means some slice battery (something like thinkpad slice batteries of extended battery for...
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    PCSX Rearmed - cut rendered image vertically [patch]

    Since there is no option to stretch rendered image vertically beyond screen height I decided to implement one. This could allow to stretch a little more without changing image proportions by clipping upper and lower part of rendered image (something like that is implemented in 'official' ps1...
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    Building PCSX Rearmed, missing omapfb.h

    Hello, I'm trying to build PCSX Rearmed on pandora with c++ dev tools pnd. It builds fine with SDL ('generic' platform) but when building with platform set to 'pandora' it fails because there is no omapfb headers in my system (it also complains about ALSA headers but that can be fixed by...