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    ODROID-Go Super (Nintendo-Switch-lite clone)

    Interested in this but need to figure out where I can order it from the EU. I don't think I'd use it that much but since the price isn't super high I feel like it'd be nice to support a company that actually put work into an original device rather than just clones.
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    Miss the GCW Zero? The RetroGame RG350 is the modern equivalent

    Yeah I mostly think these are novelty devices at this point. Part of the reason I got one is that it looks like they'll be replaced by OGA-style devices running retroarch sooner rather than later.
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    Miss the GCW Zero? The RetroGame RG350 is the modern equivalent

    Ended up buying a pocketgo 2 since I could get one cheapish locally. It should do me until these odroid go advance clones work out all their kinks. Saw someone did a pico-8 interpreter for these handhelds which I'm pretty excited to try.
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    Miss the GCW Zero? The RetroGame RG350 is the modern equivalent

    Well calling the new is a bit of stretch. Its the same internals as the GCW zero. I might get a pockets go 2 though. These devices are the only ones left with the old gemu2x style menus.
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    Dell Alienware: Concept UFO handheld/portable console (Windows gaming PC)

    Sorry, I didn't see the android UI from the glare, I thought you were using a windows tablet.
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    Dell Alienware: Concept UFO handheld/portable console (Windows gaming PC)

    I tired this before but the ipega controller I had was one button short and you couldn't map the xbox guide button so big picture mode didn't work as well on it. Is the home button on that version you have mappable?
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    Why not to by GPD

    Its a real shame I have a GPD Win but I barely use it because any kind of 3D acceleration makes it run red hot in a half hour. I'd love a more reliable device at the same power and price point since I basically want it for basic indie games (VN's, RPG Maker and Gamemaker games) and older 3D titles.
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    GPD WIN 2

    It'll be interesting to see what the products for next year are if there saying their won't be more Win project till 2020.
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    Ask the Dragon - Date has been set!

    Thanks for answering the question about smaller handhelds. Just to clarify, when I said cheaper I meant compared to the Pyra and Win 2. I'd probably pay max 200 euros for a device like I described. The GPD XD kind of fits the bill but I kind of dislike android as a gaming OS despite it...
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    Gameshell - Modular, "open", gaming handheld (kickstarter)

    When I say GBA I essentially mean a candy bar shape not the amount of buttons.
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    Ask the Dragon - Date has been set!

    My question is after the Pyra is finished from a hardware development standpoint would you consider creating a cheaper, simpler linux gaming handheld more in the vein of the old GPH devices. I miss having a handheld device in the vein of my old Caanoo.
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    Gameshell - Modular, "open", gaming handheld (kickstarter)

    As others have said this would be great if they offered an alternate GBA like shell with shoulder buttons.
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    Gameshell - Modular, "open", gaming handheld (kickstarter)

    Looks nice but wish it was a bit bigger. Such a small screen makes it a bit of a novelty for me.
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    GPD XD2

    They said on the GPD pocket thread on dingoonity that they're waiting on new chip releases.
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    Anyone still on here?

    I would still use my Caanoo but I broke the analog stick years ago.
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    Who's waiting for GPD Win to arrive?

    Got bored and decided it was too expensive for what I wanted to use it for. I bought a second hand linx vision instead and it works well enough for what I want to use it for.
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    GPD Win (x86 Computer / Palmtop)

    Steam lets you pick a drive to install games to so you can use that to install games to sd card.
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    GPD XD

    Unfortunately I think this is just a quirk with older versions of android since I had a 4.3 tablet with a similar limitation. It's probably worth checking the dingoonity forums for a solution. The Q9 should also be rooted so you should be able to find something which can enlage the app partition...
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    GPD Win (x86 Computer / Palmtop)

    I'm not really concerned. If I get the GPD win I fully intend on setting it up to boot into big picture mode and using teamviewer for setting programs up else that would be anything tricky on a small screen.
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    Uk Release, Yeah Sure, Whatever!

    I am going to get a PSP ( dont worry my gp32 will never get shelved (until i get my gpx2!) i will be playing lots of emus. what is the firmware issue on the psp? do i need a particular one? if so why? (if only everything was as simple as a gp32) i know this is technicaly a PSP question , but i...