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    Inspiration Thread: Best Emu Games For The Gp32

    Hello Since everyone has a limited knowledge and most people play the emulated games, they used to play on the original console 10+ years ago, I thought it might be a good idea if people just post their favorite emu games for the gp32. You know, those games who are a.) brilliant and b.) really...
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    Firmware Flashing With A New Blu... Huh? I Am Lost

    I know, annoying newbies with alot of questions :( Anyway, I had a non-flu before which was already flashed with a multifw I guess, which I liked. Now with the new BLU I got today, there is some new firmware that offers just "Play" and "PC-Link"... and I have no idea, how to start for example...
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    Problem With Blu And Power Adaptor

    Hello Today my BLU arrived and it´s just nice... just one "minor" problem, that I have when I use my power adaptor (with batteries it´s fine btw): The screen has some sort of wave coming from left to right, in the form that the brightness is slightly changing. I have read all posts here...
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    Need: Blu (no Oclocking Need), Offer: 150€

    Topic says it all. Need a BLU, I don´t care if it´s one of the units, that are not good "overclockable". But should be in good shape (display, joystick, buttons). Willing to pay 150€ inclu. shipping, I live in Germany... if I don´t find a seller, I need to order one for 180€ on Lik-Sang-Europe...
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    Planning To Upgrade Non-flu To Blu, Questions:

    Are there any good videos out there, who would give me the impression how the BLU (or FLU?) looks alike when in action? I used the search function and found 2 threads/guys who once had the same question, but I always found it difficult to make my decision purely based on the describtion of...