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    Got My Replacement Pandora, A Couple Of Issues

    I had to send in my Pandora two months (TM) ago because it got the dreaded blue tint, and I finally got my replacement today. But, off the bat, there are 2 hardware issues: 1. the 6 button gets stuck every time I press it and I have to peel it back up with a fingernail. 2. The D-Pad Right isn't...
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    Cheap Class 10 16Gb Cards At

    Their Transcend 16GB Class 10 cards are on christmas sale: Here for £29.99 As well as this waterproof/shockproof 8GB one (about the same speed): Here for £17.89 Just saw the email from them and thought people would be interested :)
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    Part Of Me Died Today

    My Pandora just got the dreaded blue tint... already emailed openpandorasales about RMAing (the console has been previously opened to adjust the shoulder buttons) :(
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    Supertux2 (Supertux 0.3.3)

    I noticed no one has compiled supertux2 for Pandora, but it requires OpenAL and I'm new to the toolchain and couldn't find an OpenAL library in the angstrom repositories. I prefer this version to the 0.1.3 there is currently a PND for, the world map has branches and the levels are better made I...
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    Imageshack Screenshot Script

    I based this script off the script in the screenshot tutorial, and another ImageShack script I found online. It takes a screenshot, uploads it to ImageShack and copies the resulting URL to the clipboard :) It does however require a few packages installed to NAND: xclip, curl, python-datetime...
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    Release Sbagen - Binaural Beat Generator

    I've ported SBaGen to the Pandora, the pnd is here: I included the example beats in the PND inside the "examples" directory. Binaural beats can help you sleep more easily, make it easier to focus, etc. Wikipedia article on binaural beats...
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    What's Your Pandorapanic Record?

    Just curious as to how well other people are doing in this incredibly hard game :P (well, some of the minigames are anyway :)) My current record is 23, nothing impressive.
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    Yay, Got My Pandora

    Just got back from vacation today to find my second-hand one nubber waiting at the post office. The left nub is gritty but otherwise seems fine after doing the nub dance a few times. Think blasting it with canned air will do any good? The only other problem is I have too many things to try on it...
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    Getting Cross-Compiling Up And Running On Windows

    I checked the wiki and it looks like I need CodeSourcery but other than that there's very little info on what I need to do to get a IDE and toolchain running on Windows (with a build command from within the IDE). Though I don't NEED a IDE, I prefer having autocompletion etc. I wish there was a...
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    Idea/request: Osu! Port For Pandora

    osu! (clicky) is a PC remake of Elite Beat Agents/Ouendan for the DS, and it's really polished and has a lot more features than the originals. There is already a port for the iPhone (though lacking in features), but the Pandora seems like it would be the perfect platform for osu! - unlike the...
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    I Want One

    I really want one, I just wish they weren't so damn hard to get a hold of... :( Been following the Pandora since the beginning, but with delays and such, I held off on preordering, plus I wanted to see what emulator performance and the OS would be like, well I've seen all that and it looks...
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    GP2X Elite Beat Agents/ouendan Needs A Gp2x Remake.

    (I don't know if there's a topic about this already, if there is, feel free to close/delete this one and redirect me to the other one) It would be so awesome, and it would be even BETTER if it supported the osu! file format: Maybe you could even get the creator of osu! to help...