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  1. sebt3

    Release Retroarch

    Hi there, This is the retroarch initial packaging for pyra. It run using the SGX, so it's normally GPU accelerated. It only come with few cores (21). But more can be downloaded from the official buildbot. Enjoy
  2. sebt3

    a journey with the pyra

    To tell the truth, it's not my first day with a pyra, far from it. About a week ago I received my "proto" from ED's salvation process. It's pretty much an other device. My charging issues are gone. I have speakers ! (thanks heir dragon :) Now the device feel like it should be: robust and...
  3. sebt3

    The collapse is coming... one way or an other Opinion ?
  4. sebt3

    Pyra pyra-builder: Docker based toolchain for pyra

    pyra-builder is a cross-compilation toolchain in a docker image. Actually, it is pretty much my pyra-debian-cross in a container image. I'm providing 3 distincts images (I may make some for ARM) slim: using debian:buster-slim as rootfs large: using the pyra rootfs as rootfs arm64: for arm64...
  5. sebt3

    Pyra pyra-debian-cross

    EDIT: this toolchain is not supported anymore Hello there, So compiling on the pyra works well, but for larger project at some point a cross-compiling toolchain will be usefull. This is my attempt. Sources are : It is based on debian and...
  6. sebt3

    apps vs packages focus of the repo

    Hi there, Up to now, my focus on the repository was to highlight what one can do with a pyra. So I put the focus on the apps instead of the packages. Most of the time, the package only contain one app. In this case, either way is the same since one is the other one. But there's 2 cases where...
  7. sebt3

    Release KETM

    Kill Everything That Moves It is just another arcade-like-2D-space-shooter. This game (that I have ported on pandora age ago) include 4 mods, So this is the available apps : Episode 1 StarWars 1941 IronMan KartEverythingThatMoves All these games depend on the engine. One stone, two birds...
  8. sebt3

    Release SuperTux

    SuperTux is a free classic 2D jump'n run sidescroller game in a style similar to the original Super Mario games covered under the GNU GPL. So far this is 0.3.4 which was released 2 years ago. later version depend on SDL2 thuss on working 3D. Lastest version will be packaged once the SGX...
  9. sebt3

    Release Globulation 2

    Globulation 2 is an innovative Real-Time Strategy (RTS) game which reduces micro-management by automatically assigning tasks to units. This version of Globulation 2 is slightly modified so it run fullscreen (1280x720) on Pyra.
  10. sebt3

    Replying to spam

    Hi, Today is the 3rd day in a row I see some member of this community replying to spam. This is probably the worst one can do. Up to now I was purging the spam thread hiding that behaviour. Today was the last I did that. Now I wont remove these threads anymore and put your reply to shame. If...
  11. sebt3

    Setting up usbnet

    I wanted usbnet for my pyra to help with the developpement flow. I bought this : [ link ] Setting up was a breath, On my desktop I made a /etc/network/interfaces.d/usb : allow-hotplug enp0s20f0u3u1 mapping hotplug script grep map enp0s20f0u3u1 iface enp0s20f0u3u1 inet...
  12. sebt3

    Pyra DBP repository (dev talk)

    This is the devel thread. If you're not ready to commit some code, please use the user thread instead. The actual repository code is available on github. Any PR posted there will be looked at and probably accepted. Technologies : Slim Framework (meaning PHP) bootstrap D3 mysql for the database...
  13. sebt3

    DBP repository

    This is the user talk thread. For serious devtalk, use the dedicated thread. Since slaeshjag introduced his work on the dbp system, there havent been any repository set. This is it. [Link] As you can see there's no DBP uploaded yet. I'm guessing this is expected since none have been publicly...
  14. sebt3


    I was planning to work on something exactly like anbox for pyra (once I got one). But since someone else have done most of the work, i'm leaving a link in here :P Should be good to have on a pyra
  15. sebt3

    unread PM

    According to the notification i'm havin a new PM. yet I cant find it :(
  16. sebt3

    Release Zelda Navi's Quest

    Vincent Jouillat gave us yet an other game to toy with. My changes : v1.0.0.3: - Improved pandora button mapping (again) - Support for saves on fat (packaging fix) v1.0.0.2: - Improved pandora button mapping - Support for both languages (packaging fix) v1.0.0.1: - upscale using...
  17. sebt3

    spi.snes themes

    Hi there, I'm rather unhappy with the UI , especially with how it look. The good news is that it's completly themable and you already have all the tools requiered to build a new one. I'll explain you how. The sources contain a directory named theme_data. Grab this. Then in command lines ...
  18. sebt3

    Release (beta) spi.snes 0.6.0

    spi.snes is a new port of snes9x 1.53 It features : - a simple UI focused on easy D-pad usage - a game database with screenshots, genre and description - ability to search games using the menu [m] - Savestate support using the ingame menu [m] - a nice set of CPU and GPU filters (some are...
  19. sebt3

    Forum guru advise requiered

    I for one would love to have all the threads sporting a "keyboard" in the title to be automaticly marked as read before I need to touch them. Any solution ?
  20. sebt3

    Release A SHoot 'eM UP for Pandora

    Hi there, Havent done a release since a while (over 2 years :o ), but as ptitSeb pretty much rock the porting business nowadays, I worked on my own first game so I was sure he wouldnt release my project before me  :lol: ! So here is shmuppan : It feature : - a simple bonus system with...