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  1. iprice

    Potential new Pyra competitor ;)

  2. iprice

    Site certificates

    When using this site from work (shhhh!!) I get certificate issues and warnings to avoid this place like the plague! I expect it's to do with not supporting IE (8!!) but it might put off people that don't know/trust this site. I've attached an image (errr which appear to be above the post...
  3. iprice

    Release PuzzlePix Halloween

    Just in time for Halloween night here's a little puzzle for Pandora. The game is a sort of cross between MineSweeper and Picross, where you are revealing an image by solving numeric clues. Each clue represents how many picture pieces are placed directly around it, so a "9" will have 9...
  4. iprice

    C++ plus SDL1.X or SLD 2.0?

    Many years ago I dabbled with C++ and Allegro, more recently (as many will know) I've used BASIC stlye languges such as GLBasic  to create numerous games for GP2X, Wiz, Caanoo and Pandora. I don't know if GLBasic will support the Pyra, but I want to develop for the new machine - porting some of...
  5. iprice

    Tempest 2000's Jeff Minter threatened by Atari

    Jeff Minter - also known as Yak, the Llama (sheep, goat and camel) loving coder of classic games such as Tempest 2000 and loads of other psychadelic games for the C64 and upwards has been given a C&D and threatened with court action by Atari thanks to his excellent Tempest-alike TxK (PS Vita)...
  6. iprice

    Release Advent Calendar

    Hopefully coming just in time to open the first door on December 1st is an Advent Calendar puzzle game I'm making, with a seasonal-inspired puzzle hiding behind each of the 24 doors leading up to Christmas. It's based on my PixeLink game, so some will know what to expect. Each puzzle takes...
  7. iprice

    New puzzle game WIP demo - PixeLink

    Here's a small WIP demo of a new puzzle game I'm working on called PixeLink. The aim of the game is to link cells with the same number and colour to form a picture. The game is controlled only by the touchscreen at this point (I know people don't like using the touchscreen, but it is the...
  8. iprice

    Getting ready for Pyra?

    Well then, you'll need one (or more) of these - And obviously very deep pockets :P
  9. iprice

    History of Japanese game developers book - KickStarter

    Here's a potential book that many Pandora users should be interested in, seeing as pretty much every game we play nowadays originated in some form in Japan. Heck, you may even be playing some of the games mentioned right now, or a sequel. Go on, you know you want to :D...
  10. iprice

    Aquaventure - New Wiz Game

    Here's another of my games for the Wiz - AquaVenture - created for the Dragonbox Coding Competition 2012/213.     It's an arcade adventure puzzler, set under the ocean.       Download -       [EDIT] Note: There's a short pause at the...
  11. iprice

    Aquaventure - New Caanoo Game

    Here's another of my games for the Caanoo - AquaVenture - created for the Dragonbox Coding Competition 2012/213.     It's an arcade adventure puzzler, set under the ocean.   Download -
  12. iprice

    [Original Game] Frootopia

    Just a small note to say that I am working on another "original" game for the competition - Frootopia. At this point, the game will be for the Pandora only, due to lack of time and working on other games - including AquaVenture, and a few health and business apps for other users. Frootopia is...
  13. iprice

    [Original Game] AquaVenture

    Work has started on my possible entry to the DragonBox Coding competition. I plan to release the game on Pandora, Wiz, Cannoo, GP2X and pc. I've attached a small .avi file of the current intro. The game is a retro styled turn-based puzzle game set underwater. [EDIT]Uploaded to YouTube now...
  14. iprice

    Release Hallowian is now available for the Pandora

    I recently created and released a Halloween based puzzle game for the Caanoo. Well, I've now adapted it for the Pandora and it's available from the repo. Grab it HERE
  15. iprice

    Seven New Caanoo Games Uploaded To The Archive

    As I am now the proud owner of a real working Caanoo, I've ported four of my older games (from GP2X and Wiz) as well as one new one to the Caanoo and uploaded them to the archive. A couple of these games were available for the Caanoo already (I ported them a while back), but they've been...
  16. iprice

    Release Dicey is now available on Pandora

    I've just uploaded a new and updated version of Dicey (the Gp2X & Wiz dice rolling app.) to the repo. I know it's not for everyone, but if you're into D&D, board or tabletop games, this might be of use should you have lost your proper dice. The app allows you to roll upto 10 dice in one of...
  17. iprice

    [SOLVED] No sound/music in apps.

    I received my Pandora today from Cloudef and after having a play with the OS ans menus etc. I tried a couple of games (DinoDefense and MinedOut!) and found that these had no sound/music. I wasn't sure if it was because of something i did within the software so I downloaded NyanCat - a small app...
  18. iprice

    Mined Out!

    While my laptop was in for repair (and I couldn't work on DinoDefense) I decided to update and port one of my other games to Pandora - Mined Out! (I used my Mac for coding, yeuch!) Mined Out! is an updated clone of the old Windows classic MineSweeper, but with a few added extras such as 9...
  19. iprice

    DinoDefense - Too easy? Too hard? Just right?

    I have been continuing to work on DinoDefense this week and I've implemented a couple of new things that give certain existing units more important roles which could now be significant game changers - making the game easier. The changes make sense and they will be staying, but I want to ensure...
  20. iprice

    Best review ever - NOT SUITABLE FOR WORK Be warned you may laugh till you cry. Seriously.