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  1. Christoph.Krn

    Open tickets on imminent order

    Source: Should davesha skip the queue so he can work directly on the Pyra? Could you have a look at my Dragonbox Shop accout? There are two older tickets that are still open, and they are about one of the first Pyra orders.
  2. Christoph.Krn

    Is it just me, or do these boards have a serious problem?

    So... Every time I come here to check up on the latest developments, I have no other choice than to notice just how difficult it is to actually follow what is happening in terms of the Pyra hardware (and actually, the software too, unless you know where to look). There are so many small pieces...
  3. Christoph.Krn

    VMWare Player does DirectX 10

    Apparently this isn't exactly new, but I hadn't know about it: VMWare Player (which, by the way, is gratis) supports DirectX up to and including version 10 (for now)! This means that you can use VMWare to play Windows games on a Linux host, as long as the game doesn't require DirectX > 10.0. The...
  4. Christoph.Krn

    Cannot complete order

    In the checkout process, trying to go from the 4th step (shipping) to the 5th (payment method), I only get an empty page. It still worked for me when I ordered something a few days ago, and there's nothing that I've changed on my end. Can somebody here confirm this problem?
  5. Christoph.Krn

    Retrode 2 N64 Plugin availability?

    Are you still planning on producing more N64 plugins for Retrode 2?
  6. Christoph.Krn

    Desktop with 200W of _passive_ heat dissipation

    Edit: Review at Phoronix I don't normally write threads like these, but somehow I had the feeling that this might interest quite a few people here... Earlier this year, the company Compulab has released a compact high-end desktop system with 200W (more precisely, 2 x 100W) of _PASSIVE_ heat...
  7. Christoph.Krn

    Making attachments available for everyone?

    I just read You'll hate this post. And you'll love this post. on a system where I wasn't logged in, and I could only look at the thumbnails of the photos. The full-size photos are only available to registered users, but not to visitors. I know that this is common for online forums, but I'd...
  8. Christoph.Krn

    Microsoft Discussion, split from [picking up an Oculus Rift..?]

    Maybe this will help you: How to use Group Policy to remotely install software in Windows Server 2008 and in Windows Server 2003 eventvwr Windows Event Log in PowerShell - Part II However, note that Microsoft has recently been actively adding/backporting (extremely) far-reaching data...
  9. Christoph.Krn

    PNDManager users, what's your "Menu navigation" setting?

    The title almost says it all, I'm wondering how people are using PNDManager's "Menu navigation" setting. Have you changed it? What's your button preference? I'd be happy if you took part in the poll, and/or articulated your thoughts below. If you're wondering about the background of this...
  10. Christoph.Krn

    Ensure that the entire forum content history always remains restorable

    Ensure that the entire forum content history always remains restorable. Details see here: The only way to permanently erase contents or old versions of anything...
  11. Christoph.Krn

    Dedicated "Next" theme for theme experiments

    Ed, it seems that you're doing live adjustments to this forum's theme(s). Could you please fork the current theme that you want to edit into a new theme called something like "Next", and then do your adjustments there until they're "done"? The reason that I'm asking this is that I've made...
  12. Christoph.Krn

    flipBX - Gaming buttons (non-)standardization on Pyra

    I'd like to discuss something which I'm cautiously optimistic could mitigate some of the Pandora's button inconsistency problems on the Pyra (for more information, see the "Short problem summary" and "Proposed solution" sections at guihints - preview01, 02). In essence, different software will...
  13. Christoph.Krn

    The Game of Likes (Split from some thoughts thread) (Update)

    So, here's an interesting question: What do all of you think might happen if we removed the "Like This" system again? The reason that I'm asking is that /I/ believe that the chances are high that there would be positive effects on the discussion culture, the visibility of cool news, and the...
  14. Christoph.Krn


    In this thread, all future releases of pndm-uielements will be made available. What is pndm-uielements? "pndm-uielements", or "PNDManager UI elements", is a set of auxilliary resources which are used in the PNDManager package manager user interface ( PNDManager at ). If...
  15. Christoph.Krn

    Parentheses format for button labels

    ----- BEGIN UPDATE 2015-01-04 ----- This post has been found to be misunderstandable. What I'm suggesting here is to use (A), (Y), ( B) , and (X) as labels *on the physical buttons of the Pyra* (including the parentheses). This is specifically in the hopes that it might increase the chances...
  16. Christoph.Krn

    guihints - device-agnostic discussion

    This thread supersedes the original guihints thread guihints - preview01, 02 at and is currently the primary source of information about guihints. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ ALL GUIHINTS RESOURCES (KEPT...
  17. Christoph.Krn

    Pandora guihints for Pandora - discussion

    This thread is for Pandora-specific discussion about guihints. All information and links about guihints available at guihints - device-agnostic discussion.
  18. Christoph.Krn

    Pandora guihints for Pandora - release announcements

    New releases of guihints for Pandora will be announced here. This thread is not for discussion -- see guihints for Pandora - discussion. All information and links about guihints available at guihints - device-agnostic discussion.
  19. Christoph.Krn

    Re: A further update on preorders (18th of November 2012)

    This post (below the line) is in reply to the end of A further update on preorders (18th of November 2012), to which I would like to provide a counter statement. PS: In my opinion, too many threads are being closed recently. Remeber that closing a thread will make replying to it impossible for...
  20. Christoph.Krn

    Pandora name and logo usage rules?

    First of all, let me say that I don't really know which person to target this post at. I assume it is either Craig or Ed, but in any case this topic should by replied to by whatever people are responsible for the matter. Apparently there aren't really any fixed rules on the usage of the...