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  1. Shaun

    Msi Bgp100 Bluetooth Gamepad

    Does anyone have one of these? I'm interested in buying for use with an Android phone. Thanks.
  2. Shaun

    No Web Functionality

    I am not in a good mood. After visiting family I was finally able to connect with Wi-Fi. Sadly, the wait was for nothing. Frequently, Pidgin, Firefox and Chromium close with no explanation. I think the nubs are causing it but right now I'd have more fun castrating myself with a butter knife...
  3. Shaun

    Clock Speed Manager

    Let's say I want to play N64 or PlayStation games at 800MHz, but Mega Drive at only 400MHz for instance. A program which would allow you to create profiles for different emulators/games would be useful. You could have it in the system tray, so you could just bring it up, switch profile so the...
  4. Shaun

    Just Got My Pandora

    I had trouble connecting to my university's wireless in a place where the connection is supposed to be very strong. I bought this Pandora from someone, and perhaps it had proxy settings or something. I could connect to the network, but then no pages loaded and it sometimes disconnected. It...
  5. Shaun

    Visual Novel Reader

    I'll admit, I don't read a lot of these but I had a fun time reading a few and I think it would work well on the Pandora. Any developers thought about porting a reader? :)
  6. Shaun

    Ps1 Lightgun

    I'm not sure if this has been asked before, but has a developer thought about implementing lightgun support with use of the touchscreen? This would be very cool for games like Point Blank or Time Crisis. ;)
  7. Shaun

    Video Encoding

    Since I'm receiving my Pandora on Tuesday I'd like to know how you encode your videos. Is there a point in putting DVD-res video on the Pandora? The clarity is very nice, but with a screen of that size would a smaller resolution video not be almost the same? What is the most used and best...
  8. Shaun

    Shadow Warrior

    This would be pretty cool with the Pandora controls. There is a port for GP2X, and whether that would work with Ginge, I don't know. But it is a very buggy and quick port. Anyone interested in porting to the Pandora? Wiki:
  9. Shaun

    Want A Cheap Class 10 Sd Card? Eight gigs. At the time of writing, £7.60 delivered. Since I just bought a Pandora, I got two! Thought I'd let you guys know as it's a great deal for a card of this quality. :)
  10. Shaun

    Various Items

    It's sad to see these items go, but I need money for the Pandora fund! I'm trying to raise money to help me buy a Pandora, either from someone here or from eBay. I assume that the Pandora I would receive would still have warranty, so anything not quite right about it, Craig and Company could...
  11. Shaun

    Xbox 360, Tits-Up

    R.I.P. Xbox. Died today, at the ripe age of two and a third years. What has happened is really strange. I feel it is a RAM issue, but there is no way to flush the RAM manually. Shucks, I was downloading Sonic Adventure as it happened too. :( What a waste of money as I had topped up my account...
  12. Shaun

    Fraps-Like Screen Recorder And Video Encoder?

    Wouldn't it be neat if we could record gameplay videos from the Pandora itself? I know this probably isn't going to work though because of how intensive such an application can be. Short answer is probably going to be a "not possible", but I thought I'd bring it up anyway. I guess the best way...
  13. Shaun

    Bird's Eye Pandora Image?

    I need an image of a Pandora from a bird's eye perspective; straight-down completely. Preferably a closed Pandora but open will do if you can't find one. If anyone can help with this I'd appreciate it. Thanks!
  14. Shaun


    I'm a tad frustrated as a I recently bought a GP2X for the second time (first one I sold years back) which came in the post today and for the time being it is nothing but a brick. It's running 2.11 I think, and upon connecting it to my computer (Windows 7) via USB nothing happened. I figured I'd...
  15. Shaun

    Skulltag - Popular Online Doom Port

    I created a thread on their forum. Check out the main site for more information about Skulltag. I think a port is pretty possible given what has been said. I said Open Pandora might send them a unit but of course I wasn't stating that on their...
  16. Shaun

    Know Of Any Gp2X Freeware Torrents?

    Rather than downloading the freeware games and the emulators (I'm not looking for anything illegal/ROM downloads etc.) I would prefer it if I could download everything in one big package. Does anyone know of a good torrent that's fairly up to date? Thanks, just thought I'd ask.
  17. Shaun

    I Have -1 New Messages

    Yes, what the [****]!?
  18. Shaun

    Selling My Gp2x/32 For Far Cheaper

    Read my other thread further down. I did get something wrong though. The 2X comes with two 2GB memory cards. Fine condition. I am willing to start it at £50 for the GP2X and £15 for the GP32. If nobody bids higher two days after anybody else bids, that person gets it. And we'll discuss payment...
  19. Shaun

    I Am Selling My Gp2x

    Hello all. I've been a member here for a while and I own a GP32 and GP2X. I am selling the GP2X and I'm also willing to sell my GP32 if anyone is interested. I apologise to the hard-working programmers here, but there's just nothing that appeals to me anymore. Anyway, the GP2X is in fine...
  20. Shaun


    Before you ask, I've searched and searched. It's the Atomic Edition, and I copied all the CONs into the confiles directory and afterwards moved them into the game's root directory, didn't work either time. I downloaded somebody else's CFG file and that didn't work, and I tried clicking in the...