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  1. wipeout2000

    Ps3 Controller With Pandora

    I've used an app on windows where you can register your ps3 controller to work with your bluetooth card (I think they have something like this for linux too). Would it be possible to use a ps3 controller with a pandora??
  2. wipeout2000

    Sega Saturn

    I was referring to the Yabause emulator for the Dreamcast...
  3. wipeout2000

    Realistic Arrival Time

    Is the second batch going to have the silkscreen? and if so when are they shipping out?
  4. wipeout2000

    Sega Saturn

    Yabause is still actively being worked on, so hopefully if someone works on the Pandora version and if the yabause team continues to speed up their emulator, we might have something that is playable. Also I heard that the Dreamcast version runs certain games at up to 15-20 fps so there might be...
  5. wipeout2000

    Realistic Arrival Time

    So I have a trip in July and I was thinking of ordering a Pandora. What is the latest that I could order to potentially receive it before my mid-July trip? Thanks.
  6. wipeout2000

    Open Source Home Console Anyone

    Ok so I was thinking, open source portable devices are really cool, but what about a well designed open source home console. Before people start saying "any idiot can make their own pc or htpc" the truth is it lacks standardization as well as the console-ish feel. This is sort of what I'm...
  7. wipeout2000

    Used Gp2x For Sale In Us

    I am selling a used GP2X on ebay that clocks up to 280 Mhz. For More info click on the ebay link GP2x Ebay Link
  8. wipeout2000

    Is There A Mugen On The Gp2x Yet

    Hey GP2x Coder do you have any idea as to when you might be releasing it or how the progress is going? I am really looking forward to it.
  9. wipeout2000

    Pocketsnes Version 2

    I guess this is directed at notaz since he was one of the first people to implement it. How feasible would it be to put the snes sound on the second core?
  10. wipeout2000

    Gp2x Vs Psp Emulation As Of Now...

    Yea ghosting is slightly noticible for me, but barely. It honestly depends on peoples tastes. My cousin once bought a new flat panel monitor and resold it for half the price because it had some slight ghosting. I probably would have kept it, but thats me :P .
  11. wipeout2000

    Suggestion For Multiplayer Fun

    I don't know if its possible, but it would be cool if we would be able to connect our gp2x to the pc and play games online against other gp32x members. Maybe like a killaera server or something like that. We could have metal slug action with other people around the world. And yes I know what...
  12. wipeout2000

    The "i <3 Gp2x" Thread

    Ive been active in the psp and I will admit one thing, I hate about half the community at least. People complain to developers and yell at them because they didn't include certain features. They report devs if they don't send them roms etc. Thats one of the reasons I actually post on
  13. wipeout2000

    What's Up With You Guys? Mk2

    You make a good point. I think however, a lot more people get excited about the emulators that emulate recent systems (eg. snes). I have to say though that the CPS2 emulator has definitely surprised me. I never expected something that good to come out so soon. It has resurfaced my belief that...
  14. wipeout2000

    What's Up With You Guys? Mk2

    Ok well although the gp2x has all the flaws you mentioned, it really doesn't bother me. The current bombardment of psp releases, the switching of some devs, gph's terrible support, lack of hardware and firmware fixes. In all I could and have lived with all that stuff. The only thing that has...
  15. wipeout2000

    Blasphemy! New Favourite Handheld = Psp?

    Let me debunk some myths about the PSP... 1) PSP has a d pad and an analog stick so it has better controls than the gp2x. Not neccessarily. The dpad sucks in games that need diagnols (eg. fighting games). In a nutshell, I can't do hadokens with ryu on a psp. I usually have to use the super...
  16. wipeout2000

    Gp2x As A Pc Gamepad?

    I was just wondering if its possible to use the gp2x as a pc gamepad via usb. PS. Sorry for accidently posting in the news section
  17. wipeout2000

    Gp2x As A Pc Gamepad

    Ok First of all, If this topic appeared somewhere in the forums I am sorry, I don't have the excellent search skills that some of you have :P . Secondly, I'm sure that this question might have been tossed around, but is it possible to use the gp2x as a pc gamepad?
  18. wipeout2000

    Bring Back Gpfce! (zodttd? Anyone?)

    I agree. I don't see why we can't have an emulator just as nice as drmdx or pico drive for nintendo.
  19. wipeout2000

    I Got Gpsp (gba) Running With Sound!

    Hey zottd, I think implementing a frame counter would be ideal for a next release. I tested out the star wars III revenge of the sith game. It was barely playable but I did not really see a performance boost with fs2. Maybe cuz of mode 7 or something, but i think it will really give ppl an idea...
  20. wipeout2000

    I Got Gpsp (gba) Running With Sound!

    I think hte best thing Exophase can do to increase his donations is making his presence known by posting news and such. Remember its hearing good news and updates that makes people want to donate :P