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    Game Pencil Engine for the OpenPandora

    Hello Pandorans, The Open Pandora really led the way on the microconsole market, especially that of the handhelds. So on that note, I will like to have my indie studio and hopefully other game developers have an easier experience creating games for the OpenPandora. As an indie game...
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    Does the Pandora support Achievements and online high scores?

    Hey I was just wondering does the Pandora have an achievements system similar to that of Xbox?
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    The programmer's Creed

    What do you think of this: The Programmer’s Creed I believe in using programming to making the world a better place. As technology grows I will grow. I declare my abilities are not unmatched by other programmers. Though an expert, I am still a novice. I believe in the optimization of code. I...
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    Underground Throne - the spiritual successor to Dungeon Keeper

    Check out our game page   Hello OpenPandora ppl and future Pyra folks,     So far many core mechanics and principals have been made while being accompanied by placeholder graphics.   What is Underground Throne?   Underground Throne is a Dungeon real time strategy game inspired by old classicl...
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    Dat Price Tag Tho

    Now, I know this is a bit premature to talk about; but I hope this doesn't end up costing over $200... That is all. :D
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    I quit my job to go full time Indie

    Hello Gamers,   After seeing so many other posts similar to this I thought I should make my own thread about it.    Yesterday I quit my job to go full time indie. Currently, my 1st game is being finished and I'm quite excited.    I wrote a blog post here.   Please read it and let me know...
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    No Shave November?

    I'm not sure if everyone heard of this tradition before, so let me explain what it is. No shave November is a month where you do not shave any part of your body. That means girls, leave them legs hairy and guys no grow out that stache and beard like it's no one else's business. By default, I...
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    The PawByte Codenamed "Flyght" Console

    PLEASE NOTE THIS TOPIC IS MEANT FOR FEEDBACK IN THE DEVELOPMENT OF THE CONSOLE. WE'RE STILL A LONG WAY FROM A PUBLIC RELEASE What really is this "new console?" The PawByte nextGen Console is made via Linux(Currently testing ArchLinux version), does it's Program Store different than the others...
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    Seeking another C/C++ Programmer

    Originally I did not want to use a bigger team to make this game, but I believe a finished and polish game is needed. So I am now opening up the developing floor. Game History Fields of Fresh has been in development for over 2.5 years now. It originally began as a Game Maker project, but later...
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    Flourish, A Conference for Open Source approaches near

    I'm sure everyone on this board knows what Open Source means. Some people in Chicago, about 7 years ago began a conference dedicated to all that is Open Source. From Linux Distributions, to SDL to OpenGl to just people downloading VLC to play their videos. If you in the ballpark of Chicagoland...
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    New Year Destinies

    I was going to make a post asking people for their New Year's Resolutions, but we know how so many of these go unfulfilled  If you are a man or woman who believes in destiny, will you care to share what do you believe you are destined to see, be, experience and do this year? I guess I can...
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    Gamer and Developer 2012 Survey RESULTS RELEASED

    Gamer 2012 Survey ---------------   The results are up.  .   Right before Christmas season is fully into full fledged.   So sorry for the late processing of this survey. Life was quite busy. Please read the blog post entry as well as the ReadMe File. I hope the Summary and Raw Data...
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    Super Long Name - A New Kind of Tech and Media Source

    Hello fellow gamers and developers, With so many awesome developments in the technological and entertainment industries it is difficult for many news sources to cover them all. So after long debate, planning and development Super Long Name was launched as outlet to cover not only the products...
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    OpenPandora in America?

    Are you guys gonna ever come down to the UNITED STATES for any press related stuff, conventions, conferences, vacations, etc, etc?
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    Fields of Fresh - KickStarter Goal Reached - An Epic and Dramatic RPG

    Fields of Fresh has been in development for about 2 years now, and we need your support for the final stages. We want to provide the best pixel-arted, side-scrolled, action packed, overly dramatic, farming RPG game possible. Things we need to fund are our voice actors, musicians to create...