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    Gp2x Featured In Issue 12 Of Free Software Magazine

    Free Software Magazine is a free magazine covering all sides and aspects of the free software "industry". This issue contains 10 articles for your enjoyment. This "more" being for instance an article about the gp2x by Steve Goodwin. More specifically its Linux capabilities. And interesting...
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    X-2004, another demoscene party has arisen from its grave. To be held on the 22nd, 23rd and 24th of October in Hengelo, The Netherlands, it shall focus solely upon 8bit systems and related competitions. C64, Atari, MSX, GameBoy (Color) will all feature in graphics-, music and democompetitions...
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    GP32 CHN's File Requester

    It's easy to say that CHN's file requester (available here) is one of the most used ones out there and also quite easy to implement. That's why the latest version of MikPlay32 will also be using CHN's nifty piece of code. On the plusside it instantly adds (sub-)directory support. On the downside...
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    Looking for Battery Compartment lid

    As stated in the topic title I'm looking for a replacement battery compartment lid. Mine kinda got "broken beyond repair". :( So if anybody has got spare parts or broken GP32's lying around, and is willing to spare me a battery compartment lid, it would be very much appreciated. If a small fee...