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    No way to update file on

    Hello, When trying to update an archive (some of them are not up-to-date) in Wiz section, I get the following error message: 'Error: File url is invalid' even if I did not select URL field but 'Upload File' one. Is it a known issue? Thanks.
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    Questions about memory management on Wiz

    Hello, I'm still trying to understand and tweak some little things on my Wiz and notice a strange behavior that I still cannot fix. The story: After closing a specific app (here DrPocketSnes 7.2.1) I can't launch PCSXreARMed r18 in the same session as PCSX just returns to the launcher right...
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    Dev environment setup on Windows

    Hi guys, I'm in no way a developer but I'm trying to make devkitGP2X work on Windows. I always tweaked some existing stuff (gpe scripts, source code) and I would like to compile them now. I successfully compiled some demo with it but I'm now trying to use openwiz under devkitGP2X but I get...
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    Serial cable to revive a Wiz

    Hi guys, I just bricked one of my Wiz yesterday while doing some test about installing/uninstalling a spare launcher in place of GPH one then reflashing 1.2.6 firmware. I found a software and a pdf document explaining how to build a serial cable but I don't understand everything about it and my...
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    GMenu2X - Can't delete/copy/paste files?

    Hi guys, I tried GMenu2X 0.12 on Wiz. Looks good but I can't find any feature allowing to delete/copy/paste files or folders. Also, even after activating root folders in general options, I still cannot see root files of the Wiz. so am I missing something? The great Win2X has these 2 usefull...
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    Graphic packs for Star Ocean (SNES)

    Hi everyone, I would like to play Star Ocean on DrPocketSNES 7.2.1 on my Wiz and I would need the graphic packs. All links are dead on internet and are from the beginning of the century (yes...). I found only one with the 2 packs needed (sdd1gfx.gfx and sdd1idx.xor). Here is the files I found...
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    Software Reboot command

    Hello everyone, I'm trying to get a command (or an executable) that would allow me to reboot the Wiz. Is it possible? I found a way to shut it down on but can't find a way to reboot it and 'sbin/reboot' does not work on Wiz, it only leads to a black screen (like only the UI...