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    GP2X Who Wants To Port Mega Mario To Gp2x ?

    Mega Mario is a C++ game implemented with SDL. This would be an easy port ! Slaanesh, Squidge and other, any volunteer ? Check out here :
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    Onda Vx878 Mp4 Player For Sale

    Selling a Onda VX878 player, here are some photos : That little thing does all what its bigger brothers do ! - 2 Gb of flash memory, extendable by MicroSD card - 2.4" touch-screen, 260k colors - FM radio and voice recorder - microphone and speaker - multi-language interface - txt (ebook)...
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    Newman M-touch Official site : Its touchscreen and Windows CE could permit easy ports from the smartphone community ;)
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    Gp2x F-200 For Sale

    <<cancelled !!!>> I'm already missing my GP2x :lol:
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    Payback For Sell On Ebay !

    Hi folks ! Here I am selling a boxed version of Payback : For sure the best game engine on GP2x ! hoping source will be opened one day ;) I'm selling it because I mostly use my handheld to watch movies or animes. Have great fun...
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    Ainol V2000se

    Hello everyone, How much do you think a V2000SE would cost in Europe ?
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    GP2X D Compiler For The Gp2x ?

    Remember Noiz2sa ?? it was originally written by Kenta Cho in D language. GDC is the GNU D Compiler. If ever we manage to build GDC for GP2x, I guess we could port all other Kenta Cho's games to the handheld :D Evil Mr Henry already did the most part of the job by porting his games to linux...
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    Replace Gp2x Default Apps ?

    Hi folks, I'm wondering if it would be possible to replace GP2x default apps, mainly to launch them from the standard menu rather than using Game->Folder->[e|u] (I use a firmware 3.0). Looking at the FW 3.0.0 Unofficial Rip archive, I noticed for example that there are 'mplayer' and...
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    Alephone On Gp2x

    I found a true GP2x binary just here : So we'll be many to have fun this evening :P
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    Did Someone Know That ?

    look at here : I tested it, it works fine :D
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    GP2X Gph Toolchain For Linux With Gcc 4.0.3 And Gp2x Kernel 2.1.x

    Hi folks ! I'm new to this forum and since I've had a GP2x for only 3 days, I'm also new to GP2x programming. Actually, I was quite wondering : why does nobody discuss about GPH toolchain ? Trying to build that toolchain on a Linux Ubuntu, I didn't even figure out that they were other ones...