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    Os Wars (they are not arm but mips)
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    Favourite Death Metal Bands

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    are you all related to wallace ? (or gromit)
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    Os Wars

    And here i thought microsoft made an operating system for intel cpus, and that various hardware vendors filled in the gaps for them. (i learn something new every day)
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    Os Wars
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    What We're Not Allowed To Emulate.

    i thought that the judge ruled that unistroke was invalidated by prior art ? anyone got the heads up on this ?
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    Holy Crap! Kudos To You All!

    because you don´t know where the cute bunnies hang :rolleyes:
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    Playstation Games That Do Work

    mess around with cpu cycle/clock speeds maybe.
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    Clumsy Oaf Seeks New Stick Cap

    I just took a bicycle-valve-hat and glued it, works like a charm
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    Gnomes Are Real!

    anyone interested in my new invented gnome repellent ? aww heck too late....
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    Gnomes Are Real!

    so now i know gnomes are real. so my next question is how do we kill it ?
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    Pandora Mascot

    there we go again :o
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    Pandora Mascot

    The box...You opened it...We came. STOP with the sexual innuendo....
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    D***it Craigx! Make Pandora Faster!

    im just surprised that no one has done a pandora mockup with a semi naked guuurl yet. (oh no did i just post that) :ph34r: "runs of.....
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    Damn Small Linux On Gp2x F200?

    isn't dsl stripped debian ? and doesn't debian.arm have most apps that dsl has ? if this would make you motivated, become a maintainer for the new fork and re-use the dsl scripts for Xvesa and such.
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    My Gp2x Still Works But ...

    ops nwm.
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    Low Power Pc Recommendations

    antec minuet seems like a pretty neat chassis +psu included (i know that you could get them cheaper but im lazy)
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    try not to worry, create a blog where you only update when you are drunk (i would read it) ;)
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    Low Power Pc Recommendations

    maybe start out with this ?
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    Emudownloader For Gp2x

    keeewl :D