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  1. (naw)mcx

    Using the Pandora as speakers.

    Seeing as the audio jack doubles up as a mic port, is there anyway I could plug my MP3 player in using a 3.5mm male to male, and get the sound to play out the speakers? I'm using the latest release of the latest hotfix.
  2. (naw)mcx

    Genesi's Hardfloat Optimizations This of any interest to us?
  3. (naw)mcx

    Assigning A Joypad Button To Another Joypad Button In Windows 7

    I'm trying to get Joy12 to act like Joy1. Right now, I'm having no luck, AHK can't send joystick buttons, and I can't use keyboard emulation software.
  4. (naw)mcx

    spinny nubs.

    after a very long wait, I've received my Pandora. biggest problem I've got is that nubs spin freely, making it hard to use them. is this a fault or a design choice?
  5. (naw)mcx

    T-Mobile Pulse

  6. (naw)mcx

    The Op Theme

    This was a little ditty gp2.eXe made up, a wee while back, and he wanted me to post it up to celebrate the release of the Pandora. I'm sure he'd post it his self, but he has had really bad internet problems for months! Enjoy ;) THE PREORDERER'S SONG This was a triumph I'm making a note...
  7. (naw)mcx

    Sticky Situation Direct from TwitterIX screw it, the image keeps going. posted the link.
  8. (naw)mcx

    A Familiar Hell

    Almost Pandora related, Remember this? Bank Transfer this, and bank transfer that. Nice to see we came out the other side runnning jogging strolling.
  9. (naw)mcx

    Should We Lock "q: Warranty At 800Mhz?"?

    should we, SHOULD WE?
  10. (naw)mcx

    Finished Case Photo!
  11. (naw)mcx

    Who's Interested In Poles?

    Well, are you? (I just noticed that bed looks a bit like the polish flag, how interesting)
  12. (naw)mcx

    Chumby-Like Widget Engine

    (i made a little potential logo for the project) (any developers interested? give me a message :) ) The Panda project will hopefully be a Chumby like system, with an emphases on the alarm clock functions, being easy to use with big buttons and text, and hopefully being easily expandable for...
  13. (naw)mcx

    Countdown To Production Unit Showcase 7 Day(S) has some exciting news for us :)
  14. (naw)mcx

    Uk People, Quickly! FREE SHIT.
  15. (naw)mcx

    I Think I've Went Insane.

    My Pandora arrived :D The Spectrum emulator however, won't work :(
  16. (naw)mcx

    First Look At A Finished Pandora/orignal Pandora Mock Up. Exciting stuff, from Craig!
  17. (naw)mcx

    What Rss Feeds Do We Subscribe To?

    I'll start off. Charlie Brooker @ The Guardian Negative Gamer UK:RESISTANCE OpenPandora Blog OPENXILE IdentityWorks The Daily WTF Engadget The unofficial OpenPandora Blog Brand New Engadget Mobile Download Squad Lifehacker Destructoid Photoshop Disasters Consumerist Joystiq Kotaku GamerDork The...
  18. (naw)mcx

    Release Quake2 With Analog Nub Control

    It's here!
  19. (naw)mcx

    Moar Photoshop / Boycotting Small Art Softwares

    Jacksterson looks like he has stuff to show us. I'll get the ball rolling :)
  20. (naw)mcx

    Stay Here!

    EDIT: Oh my, what's happening, I have no idea..