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  1. Gruntfuggly

    GP32 .. almost 20 years old now? yikes!

    Still bust out my GP32 for the odd game of rogue. My gp2x is gathering dust, although I did play a lot of sqdef on it back in the day. My Pandora gets taken on holidays mainly for playing PSX stuff. Happy days...
  2. Gruntfuggly

    Just bought a GP32

    I still use my GP32 for playing gpRogue - it's the most playable version IMHO - it works really well with the reduced controls. I wished it could be ported to the Pandora...:( The other game I really enjoyed on the GP32 was Nazca Dreams...
  3. Gruntfuggly

    Stupid question: How do I start an app at log on?

    Thanks peeps. Works a treat - or at least it does when you remember to include "pnd_run"! If you use the file browser, it replaces anything you've already entered with the path - maybe that was what went wrong for you, levi?
  4. Gruntfuggly

    Stupid question: How do I start an app at log on?

    I really like Albert, but it seems a faff to have to manually start it when it seems like it should be built in. Is there a way to auto run apps in XFCE?
  5. Gruntfuggly

    Pandora Rebirth case broken

    I'm just about to get a case replacement - the lid (inside and outside) are in good nick on the one I have (black), so they'll be available if somebody wants them?
  6. Gruntfuggly

    OpenPandora and 5ghz Wifi

    I bought one of these (or very similar): which works with my Pandora. I couldn't find any 5Ghz dongles that work - I tried one on the off...
  7. Gruntfuggly

    Tomb Raider for Linux

    I just finished the first Tomb Raider on the Pandora on the PSX emulator last night. Really enjoyed playing again. Due to save states though I finished with so many medical packs and ammo... got all the secrets this time though. Now to re play TR2...
  8. Gruntfuggly

    Game Boy Zero... impressive hack!

    Not impressed then? Fair enough... I thought he'd done a nice job of it...
  9. Gruntfuggly

    Game Boy Zero... impressive hack!

  10. Gruntfuggly

    Vivaldi Browser (The REAL Opera is back ?!) O_O

    First I'd heard of it, but I really like it - the fact that it seems to run Chrome extensions quite happily is a bonus. Can't think of a reason not to switch at the moment...
  11. Gruntfuggly

    Release RVGL - Re-Volt remake

    I don't suppose there is a chance this works with the files from the Dreamcast version?
  12. Gruntfuggly

    Medal of Honour on PCSX ReARMed?

    Probably using the HLE. I'll try a BIOS. It's just odd that it plays the first level fine... Thanks for the suggestion. Nope - tried a European BIOS and US and it still does it. It seems to be something to do with the nubs? Once level two starts the movement becomes jerky, however, if I use...
  13. Gruntfuggly

    Medal of Honour on PCSX ReARMed?

    Does anybody else have problems playing this on the Pandora? The first level was fine, but the second level goes all jerky - I've tried playing with every setting I can find and nothing seems to make a difference. Any suggestions much appreciated...
  14. Gruntfuggly

    AY-3-8910 music files? Anyone know where to find?

    The Vectrex also used the AY-3-8910. The cartridges are very small, so maybe you could poke around in some of those? None of the music was that good though, although there was a guy called Alex Herbert who produced some new carts long after the Vectrex was officially dead - and he wrung every...
  15. Gruntfuggly

    ICO's hidden exposition

    I loved ICO - probably about time I played it again...
  16. Gruntfuggly

    Retro consoles and memories.

    With a built in green screen and clanky keyboard? Solid bit of kit... did my first bit of animation by making repeatedly drawing "c" and "C" in the same place to try and make a pacman game. Could never figure out how to go left though. Should have taken inspiration from the LED handheld - that...
  17. Gruntfuggly

    Retro consoles and memories.

    Typing in games from magazines. Then spending hours debugging to make them work. Then getting the tape or disc a few months (years sometimes) later and realising what you had typed in and debugged was seriously different from what it was supposed to be like! Spending hours typing in a game on a...
  18. Gruntfuggly

    Games that you HAD TO finish at some point

    This thread inspired me to play Cave Story again on the Pandora. Unfortunately I've got to the same point and given up (final battle with the doctor).  Awesome game - just seems to get too difficult too quickly at the end!? Also - Machine X is super hard on the Pandora version - it doesn't...
  19. Gruntfuggly

    Release Pale Moon

    Pale Moon was brilliant when I first started using it, but these days it just sits there from start up, thrashing the SD card on any click, or keyboard input. I've tried resetting preferences and reinstalling but it doesn't seem to make any difference. Can anybody suggest anything? I've had to...