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  1. Creature XL

    Pandora Is there a working Umbrello PND?

    I don't want to resurrect this thread and didn't find a software category besides "news" so I choose this part of the forum. After all it concerns software aimed for developers :) As stated in the first post, the file box doesn't work. I was able to load a XMI I created on my PC and modify it...
  2. Creature XL

    CeBIT 2014

    I know it is not THAT interesting for normal people anymore, but I live in Hannover and so I might go there anyways :) So, anyone going?
  3. Creature XL

    Want to buy Pandora EXT connector

    Hello, I was thinking about buying an EXt connector for the Pandora so I can use the GPIOs to do some experiments. The connector is available in ED's shop, however the 7EURO + 6 EURO shipping is a bit much. So, has anyone one or two of these connecotrs to sell?
  4. Creature XL

    (NDS) Castlevania - Portrait of Ruin

    Since I have found "Drastic" I am playing "Castlevania - Portrait of Ruin". Today I encountered a problem with the game. It migh be Pandora related but I guess it is not. That's why it is in this section. So, I found the item "Eye for Decay" which should (according to a youtube video) display...
  5. Creature XL

    Manufacturing Costs Of The Pandora

    Hi OPT, i just got a link to this: iSuppli is it possible to get something similar for the Pandora?
  6. Creature XL

    Right Down To Work!

    No more words!
  7. Creature XL

    How Old Are We?

    It was mentioned in another thread. And I am curious aswell If someone else made such a poll, please give me a link and delete this one.
  8. Creature XL

    Sigsuspend() When Using Pthread

    Hi, I am using the SDL_Timer for the first time. As long as I tested my code on a LiNUX-PC it works alright. On the gp2x I get a sigsuspend from libc, when I put the SDL_INIT_TIMER flag in the SDL_Init() call. I can't copy gdb's backtrace here (stupid dox box of winXP :) ). Here is an...
  9. Creature XL

    Usb Joystick/ Joypad With Cradle

    Hi, got a cradle for my birthday some days ago and was hopingn to play with one (or all) of my USB controllers on the TV set. I set USB Host to "Alwys On" and set "Storage" and "Human Interface (HID?)" to "On" aswell. But none of my USB controllers works in the menu. A USB keyboard worked with...
  10. Creature XL

    Compiling Mame With Open2x

    Hi, I was doing a little modification to the MAME 5.1 sourcecode (explained in "Cool ideas and...". The code compiles fine, but the linker gives me hell. It can't find the "crt1.o". I added the path where it is include using "+Xlinker -L/opt/open2x/..." (the Xlink is there because the MAME...
  11. Creature XL

    Little Addition To Mame Frontend

    ATM I am using MAME 5.0 and am curious if it is possible to delete files with the frontend. In the documentation (README.txt) is nothing stated concerning this. If this possibility is not given, it would be nice if it could be added. In the docu of an alternate frontend is nothing said about...
  12. Creature XL

    Wxwidgets Ftw

    I tried to compile wxX11, the X11 version from wxWidgets for the GP2x. My overall goal is the compile/ port xCHM. Porting chmlib was easy. But compiling wxX11 gave me strange problems. In short: the GCC used the hosts include files (i386) in _some_ places, so that the resulting assembler code...