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  1. NEIL L

    Unreal Speccy Portable

    This ZX Spectrum emulator has just been released for the Wiz (,0,0,0,72,511 ) and the Caanoo (,0,0,0,72,583 ) but not the GP2X. :( Could somebody port this? (The above post was taken from here...
  2. NEIL L

    Wagic, The Homebrew?!

    I found this Magic the Gathering game while browsing the web: It's currently on the Sony PSP, Windows, Linux and MacOS. The source is available and there's a page about it here: Is there any way this be ported to the Wiz? Cheers, Neil :) Edit: Oh no, I just...
  3. NEIL L

    F200 & Cradle Problems

    Hi, I'm new to the GP2X forums (but an old hand on the Wiz one!) I recently bought a used F200 and cradle but I'm having a few problems with both of them: 1. The F200 isn't giving out any sound from either of the speakers but there's sound from the headphones (when plugged in) and from the TV...
  4. NEIL L

    Editing .gpe Files

    Can anyone help me? I've tried editing some .gpe files (to change the text in menus etc) with notepad++ but after I save the edited .gpe they won't run anymore. Does anyone know why this is? (Does notepad++ need to be set to any special settings?) Cheers, Neil
  5. NEIL L

    Another Competition!

    I just found this on the NewsWeeZ website (here: ) [Wiz] GP32Spain 2nd Contest GP32Spain presents its second GP2X Wiz contest. The competition is divided into two separate categories, each of which will have its own awards. Category 1: Games First...
  6. NEIL L


    Is there any chance this emulator could be ported to the Wiz? At the moment it's only on the GP2X, here:,0,0,0,72,2830 The source code can be downloaded from here:,0,0,0,46,2831 I've asked on the GP2X...
  7. NEIL L

    Glbasic Boardgame Compo Winners

    I've just read on NewsWeez that the entries for the above competition have been judged, but only 2 games (Mastermind & Parchis) are for the Wiz. (Here: ) hopefully these 2 games will appear on the archive (rather than having to download all the entries)...
  8. NEIL L

    Dpad Problem.

    I've got a problem with my Dpad, it's pressing right most of the time! It feels spongier on the right hand side (as my B button has for the past few weeks), it started playing up a few days ago as I had to press down/left diagonal to move down as straight down wouldn't work!, but now it stuck...
  9. NEIL L

    New Firmware (V. 1.2.0) Out Now!

    Please don't download this! Sorry, I was just passing on some news. :( Hopefully the proper firmware won't be long, and the bugs have been sorted out. I just found this on the NewsWeeZ ( ) website: Wiz Firmware v. 1.2.0 On the official Korean GPH...
  10. NEIL L


    I've just found the older version of Lemonboy on my hard drive, so I've posted it here as it was overwritten on the archive. Apart from the sound this runs a lot smoother than the new version. Cheers, Neil :)
  11. NEIL L

    New .cfg File To Clear Key Bindings In Eduke32.

    Please read the instructions here about where to put this file: I've attached the adapted eduke32.cfg here. Cheers, Neil
  12. NEIL L

    Help With .ini Files Please.

    I'm totally stumped! I've got 2 games (the NeoGeo Pocket emulator and DosBox) these won't run from the 'game' folder and I had to put the folders into the root of the SD card. Is there any way to get these to run from the 'WIZ GAMES' menu with an .INI file? (Or can you use a .GPU in the 'game'...
  13. NEIL L

    Swapping Sd Cards

    When I swap SD cards after going back to the main Wiz menu, the Wiz can't pick up any games on the 2nd one unless I turn the Wiz off then turn it back on. Do you have to turn it off to swap SD cards? (I only filled my 1st one today, so this is new to me!) Cheers, Neil
  14. NEIL L

    Duke Nukem 1 On Dosbox

    I've downloaded Dosbox from the archive, but what files do I need to get Duke Nukem 1 to run? I've put all the DN1, DN2 & DN3 files along with DN1.EXE, DN2.EXE, DN3.EXE, DNHINT.EXE, MENU.EXE, MENU.TXT, DUKE1.BAT, DUKE2.BAT, DUKE3.BAT & start.BAT into the duke1 folder. But when I try to run it...
  15. NEIL L

    Amiga Uae4All

    Just a quick question on this excellent emulator. How do you save games? (I think I need to insert a blank disk!) Any help would be greatly appreciated. Cheers, Neil
  16. NEIL L

    Slow Down After Playing Multiple Games

    Has anybody else had this problem. After playing a game you quit back to the main menu, then you choose a new game and load it. Why sometimes does the 2nd game run slower than normal (when the 1st one runs fine!) But if you turn the Wiz off then on, then reload the 2nd game it runs at full...
  17. NEIL L


    I've been playing this highly addictive game for too long now! One thing I've noticed is that it doesn't record any scores from level 100 onwards, has anybody else noticed this?
  18. NEIL L

    Zx Spectrum Emulator

    I was just wondering, has anybody tried running 'ZX Advance' or 'Foon' on the Wiz GBA emulator? You put the original spectrum file (Z80) into it, redefine the keys for each game, press the button and it outputs a .gba file (or a .res file in Foon, just change it to .gba) I ran both .gba files on...
  19. NEIL L


    I've just downloaded wolf4sdl from the archive. What files do I need from Wolfenstein 3D and Spear Of Destiny and where do I put them. Cheers, Neil
  20. NEIL L

    Snake On Dope

    Just got my Wiz a few days ago (from jackofallgames through Ebay-delivered next day :D ) I've been trying to track down 'SOD' for it, the official site doesn't seem to let me download anything! Another question is there anyway to shortcut games instead of browsing through all the files on the SD...