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  1. Classic Team

    Mupen64Plus Compatibility List

    Hey guys, thanks for reporting how well the games work. It gives me a good idea of what will and won't work when my Pandora arrives. :) I was wondering if you could test any of the following games for me? Diddy Kong Racing Donkey Kong 64 (I'm not expecting this one to work well... :P) Kirby 64...
  2. Classic Team

    R3Play - Arcade, Retro & Vintage Gaming Expo

    There's a Portland Retro Gaming Expo I'll be attending this year. Unfortunately, I ordered from Batch 2 and the event is in September, so I don't think I'll be able to show it off this year. Oh well... *shrug* Ian_J: The chance of you getting your unit before the event is a lot better than...
  3. Classic Team

    Biggest Bargain/expenditure

    Hmmmm.... Recently I went to a gaming convention and found a Sega CD model 1, working for $30. I payed $10 more for Sonic CD. :D I got my PlayStation for 4 bucks, a Nintendo 64 for $8, and Super Mario Kart for $3 at Goodwill(s). got a Copy of Super Mario 64 new in it's box for $10 too. :P...
  4. Classic Team

    Pandora Press Reviews

    I liked the review, it seemed honest about both the positives and negatives of the device and it was written well. Also: Who wants to bet this guy didn't even read the article? :P
  5. Classic Team

    What Are You Doing To Get Your Pandora?

    Really? Have you tried Java yet? I've been learning that in my spare time, it's not too bad. Of course, that's just from my own personal experience. Different languages fit different people. :) Also, thanks guys. I seem to have the worst luck on Message Boards - People like to target me for...
  6. Classic Team

    What Are You Doing To Get Your Pandora?

    Well I'm sorry your against Boy Scouts, but that was uncalled for. Just because I'm part of Boy Scouts doesn't make me "hateful and disgusting". I was simply sharing how I'm working to get my Pandora, why does this have to turn into a trash-talk-people-you-don't-agree-with topic? My dad wanted...
  7. Classic Team

    What Are You Doing To Get Your Pandora?

    To be honest, I'm not sure my dad can afford a Pandora ether, but he promised he'd get me it if I came through 2 years ago and he's holding to his promise. :)
  8. Classic Team

    What Are You Doing To Get Your Pandora?

    My dad promised to pay for my Pandora if I successfully earned my Eagle Scout rank. So I guess you could say I'm doing service to get my Pandora. :P
  9. Classic Team

    Media Reports

    Seeing the Pandora on a magazine cover makes me smile. :) When and if someone gets ahold of a copy, could someone translate it? I mean, you get the gist of it via Google Translator (Well, assuming you have a typed up version of the text), but it's not the same and makes reading it frustrating...
  10. Classic Team

    Any Ds Emulation News?

    As a few others have stated here, DS Emulation is certainly possible, but even if we could find a developer willing to port it, it's probably never going to be at a tolerable speed. You must understand that even on the platforms the DS Emulators are being developed for (mostly...
  11. Classic Team

    What The Pandora Stands For...

    I totally agree with you. I have been with this project and gone through both the turmoils and the awesome times, even if I wasn't posting to show it. I do however still feel that the extent of my interest in this device is not just in it's capabilities, but in the community that made it, and...
  12. Classic Team

    Game Maker Program

    The game making software that Farox posted was the one I was talking about in my post. Apparently ED's used that software before and (at the time) it was good, but a bit limited and slowed down to 10 FPS if you had music in the game. I'd quote him, but I'd have to find the post first. EDIT...
  13. Classic Team

    Game Maker Program

    You might want to look into Stencyl. It's still in Beta mode, but it runs right out of your browser with what appears to be only JavaScript needed, which I think the Pandora supports. There is also a Game Making program someone brought up some time back that could be used to create games for...
  14. Classic Team

    I Want One

    mvickers03: Oops, My mistake. XD Intresting enough, I got my E-mail today! I can't order mine until tonight, but when I do... :D So Stoked. B)
  15. Classic Team

    I Want One

    Alright, thanks fuji99. I sent an E-mail asking if I could pre-order or be put on a list for pre-ordering of Batch 2 Pandoras. I don't expect a response soon, so I'll wait and give the guys time. Oh, and Jdbye? When you do get your Pandora, enjoy it. Because if you don't, it might end up...
  16. Classic Team

    I Want One

    Awesome. Now, how do I get in on this? As Aurekana Said, I have no idea whether I'm on any list or not and I've been looking forward to ordering from batch 2 since batch 1 pre-ordering began (Didn't have the $$ At the time..)
  17. Classic Team

    Release Sonic Robo Blast 2

    Thanks Alerino, It looks great! I did notice that the music didn't repeat, but it's certainly not a show-stopper. Thanks Pickle!
  18. Classic Team

    Release Sonic Robo Blast 2

    SRB2 on the Pandora! YES! Been looking forward to this port for a while now... But, question: Can anyone who has a Pandora please record SRB2 running on it? I want some proof that it's running well for my own sanity. Thanks! EDIT: 100th Post! Yay! :P
  19. Classic Team

    Anyone Saving An Experience For The Pandora?

    Over the past couple months I've been compiling a list of games I've never played before and want to on the Pandora, like Stunt Race FX, Star Fox 2 and Kirby 64. It'll make the Pandora feel even more special... (Not like it isn't already!)
  20. Classic Team

    Tell Us Non-Snes Guys What The Best Of Snes Are :)

    WARNING: THE FOLLOWING POST IS A WALL OF TXT (But trust me, if you've never played a SNES than this will be worth the trouble to read. ;) ) My list begins HERE: Donkey Kong Country- Platformer - The game stars Donkey and Diddy Kong in an adventure to stop the evil King K. Rool! It's certainly...