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  1. ImmaculateChimp

    does Thunderbolt 3(via a usb-c port) have on-the-go functionality like usb?

    Say I wish to transfer data that is stored on a bean canyon intel nuc, since it has a thunderbolt3(usb) port, can I connect it to a laptop with thunderbolt3(usb) through a standard thunderbolt3(usb) data cable and transfer files that way? (in a windows 10 o.s. by the way) If so, would it end up...
  2. ImmaculateChimp

    Looking for a spare (still brand new) DualShock 3 or quality alternative.

    I've been using a semi-busted DualShock 3 with my PlayStation 3 for awhile now (while mechanically, the controller's R2 & L3 still actuate normally, they don't respond in-game or anywhere else). Does anyone know of some trust-worthy website that still has official, brand new DualShock 3's...
  3. ImmaculateChimp

    Pyra audio connector/jack-related questions

    Forgive me if these questions somehow fall under the "sure, if somebody codes it in" response, but I was curious, the 3.5mm jack on the Pyra is, according to the wiki, TRRS with automatic switch to go from OMTP to CTIA. Now, in the case of in-line remotes(with mic) for a headphone cable, would...
  4. ImmaculateChimp


    Well, we got a number of Pandora-tan's many moons ago, so... (I'd contribute myself, unfortunately, I can't draw :( ) This Pandora-tan was incredible. I wonder if we could convince the guy who made this to try his hand at a Pyra-tan? Anyone else feeling inspired? :)
  5. ImmaculateChimp

    I woke up wondering if today would be the day "they" come for me.

                This place, quite long and cramped, has been weathering numerous tremors since we have been within its walls. We assume the previous owners, whom we never met, were surely artists, or perhaps, even from the circus, based on what we can see of the rather flamboyant paint scheme. Aside...
  6. ImmaculateChimp

    quick question about Pyra audio chip

    I'm assuming, like with the Pandora, it will process/whatever the stereo audio output from the headphone jack, but what about surround sound output from Pyra's hdmi port?
  7. ImmaculateChimp

    mostly Pyra-related questions

    Can DreamCast discs be fully/properly/completely (reliably) ripped without a DreamCast, or that one particular old pc dvd rom drive? If so, how, and will the .bin + .cue format work for the emulator we will have for Pyra? I believe I read something about in the future the Pyra will maybe get 4G...
  8. ImmaculateChimp

    a problem with yahoo email

    The following message to <the mail address here> was undeliverable. The reason for the problem: 5.3.0 - Other mail system problem 554-'Too many hops' Forwarded Message: Message001.eml...
  9. ImmaculateChimp

    Can a soft-modded PlayStation 2 play import game discs?

    or do you still need a mod chip or swap magic disc? ...also, is there anything interesting you can do with a soft-modded PlayStation 2?
  10. ImmaculateChimp

    apparently mythical cable...

    Has anyone ever heard of a DVI-I male to DisplayPort(full-sized) male cable, or a DVI-I male to DisplayPort(full-sized) adapter? If either of those exist do you know where I could acquire them?
  11. ImmaculateChimp

    FTL: Faster Than Light

    FTL: Faster Than Light, for those that are not aware is a space-faring rogue-like where you manage a spaceship and its crew. Here is a decent view of what the game is like: The system requirements on the official website(the top...
  12. ImmaculateChimp

    HDD data recovery :(

    Well, about a week ago we had some bad weather around where I live and it killed my old laptop hdd. I was wondering if anybody knows if there is any I can recover the data(as much of it as possible, I had a bunch of music and stuff on it that I'd really hope not to have to write off). Any and...
  13. ImmaculateChimp

    zagg memorial day sale may 28-29(Archos 605 screen protector $7.49)

    Just a little post for those that might not be aware, ZAGG is having a memorial day sale. Screen protectors and some other things are on sale for 50% off today, May 28th-29th. The Pandora-relevant part is the Archos 605 screen protector($7.49 during this sale) they offer, as I've been told, is...
  14. ImmaculateChimp

    wlan module-related & wifi dongle questions

    my post, ignored from the Pandora takes well over 5 minutes to boot up and other problems thread EvilDragon said: I replied: That's a shame..(though I do understand that you are working very hard and doing your best, ED)..I guess then, that you either already have massive stock of that wlan...
  15. ImmaculateChimp

    Pandora's OTG port

    The Pandora's wiki calls it a USB mini-AB receptacle(I'm not familiar with these, or OTG ports, or USB mini-A types either for that matter), which means it is compatible with both mini-A&B type male plugs..right? My question is are there any devices/situations that require the use of a mini-A...
  16. ImmaculateChimp

    Looking to acquire an elusive music cd...

    Ever since I came across an older youtube video of Craig demoing some games on the Pandora to the tune of a Passenger(a U.K. band led by Michael Rosenberg) song, I've been hooked on their music(which, I think, is now pretty much just Mr. Rosenberg, aside from occasional collaborations). At any...
  17. ImmaculateChimp

    ripping PlayStation1 discs for emulation on Pandora

    How badly scratched(or scuffed or whatever..) can the discs be and still provide a perfect rip? If when playing from disc, the audio still plays fine without skipping, is that good enough? By the way, I only have my old Toshiba laptop to play the discs on and I'm using pSX v1.13, also I've never...
  18. ImmaculateChimp

    think we could get Dark Alex interested in Pandora?

    the topic pretty much says it all.. Dark Alex(of PSP fame..) is quite talented, he would surely be a great asset to the community, and with Pandora he wouldn't have to keep fighting against any stupid firmware lockouts which, I believe, are what burnt him out in the first place.
  19. ImmaculateChimp

    A Question About Audio/video Encoding Programs

    In the interest of saving SD card space are there any good(and if possible free) A/V encoding programs that can do H.264 video with FLAC audio? Is this a stupid question? I'm looking for windows and Linux options.
  20. ImmaculateChimp

    A Question About Audio/video Encoders

    Are there any good(and if possible free) A/V encoders that can do H.264 video with FLAC audio? Is this a stupid question? I'm looking for windows and Linux options.