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  1. lokiase

    Beta Minitube 1.1

    Sadly true. Tried to watch AVGN just before reading your post. Same here. Stuttering and stopping. Musicvids, Starcraft 2 trailers, quake movies all were smoothly played but not AVGN *sigh*
  2. lokiase

    Beta Minitube 1.1

    tried some vids (all 360p) and sometimes it stops and says that it couldn´t connect to a server -> restarted program and it works again. most of the time :) it just works fine. 15 minutes flawless trickjumps on my pandora without any interuption...
  3. lokiase

    Beta Updated Wifi Driver

    meaning if I had used "su opkg install wl*.ipk" it would have worked too? good to know (first time terminal-user here)
  4. lokiase

    Beta Updated Wifi Driver

    another lesson learned. sudo means super-user ^^ automatical reconnect --> works fine for me now. takes 3 up to 10 seconds after reboot from low-power mode till im back on my WPA2-WLAN. thx notaz more testing tomorrow. now sleep. n8 PS: just to be sure. can i check somewhere if the package...
  5. lokiase

    Cpu Speed Not Resetting After Powersave Mode

    same here. not always, but sometimes after resetting from powersave the pandora is extreeemely slow.
  6. lokiase

    Post Your Dosbox Successes Here

    thx blue. had no time to mess with the .cfg files yet. and yeah, i´m pretty sure daggerfall won´t work since arena didn´t, but you always have to give it a try ;)
  7. lokiase

    Post Your Dosbox Successes Here

    you definitely found a beta tester :) *wave*
  8. lokiase

    Post Your Dosbox Successes Here

    :lol: sounds like a hell of work. you aren't finished yet, are you? the pandora simply rocks. always hated that the gp2x had no keyboard. especially concerning c64,amiga or dos games. this feels like heaven now. might and magic on the road :) woohooo
  9. lokiase

    Post Your Dosbox Successes Here

    cycles maxed. alright. will be done in future tests. thx :) @wizardstan: i was quite astonished myself that xeen ran that smooth. I played only the starttown and all was fast and no lags or interuptions at all. only the intro was lagging, but the game not a bit. one of my alltime faves...
  10. lokiase

    Post Your Dosbox Successes Here

    hejhej. found some time to test a bunch of games: all tested on the latest dosbox (6/6/2010) with 4000 cycles and pandora clocked to 801. keyboard always worked and the sound in most of the games also. i did not take much time to configure anything --> just copied the files and fired them up...
  11. lokiase

    My Pandora Review

    +1 thanks for the explanation DaveC. I didn´t bother about the hinge working the way it does moreover its always good to know the backgrounds :)
  12. lokiase

    Invisible Shield Screen Protector Sale Monday

    Thanks laserbeams. just ordered one :)
  13. lokiase

    Fellow Pre-Orderers: Reveal Yourselves

    me, after finally unwrapping teh pandora :lol:
  14. lokiase

    New Pandora Website!

    Woohoo! Great work. Really like the new style. And thanks to all the people proof-reading the page. As non native english speaker it´s sometimes quite hard not to make the typical mistakes. Therefore i´m feeling with ED :) Greetings from germany shodan
  15. lokiase

    How Are You Feeling Right Now?

    Yesssss, for all the capitalizing. Honestly, I´m patient. Maybe little bit like rOOtwOOt - I don´t fell much. No need to rush and no feelings of suspicion or distrust on my side. It´s done when it´s done ^^ Greetings shodan
  16. lokiase

    Galactic Artifact - Pre-alpha Binary For Windows/linux

    Holy shit. I´m far too tired to play it now sincere. Only took a quick look and so far: music is great. simple, spacy and suits perfect to the theme of the game :) Also how you accomplished the process of zooming in and out of the galaxy. feels good. just did that for 10 minutes :lol: maybe...
  17. lokiase

    Looks Like Sony Is First To Market With Umpc/gaming Device

    nooo, looks like it´s carved out of soap :D
  18. lokiase

    Big Thanks To Craig

    For those about to rock we salute you! Keep going Pandora -Team :)
  19. lokiase

    Naming Contest For My Game

    The Graphical issues with my HD 2600 are the same you can see on MarkoeZ screenshot. Nevertheless I played it over 2 hours yesterday and either I suck :D or the game simply to difficult now. I only win on 1on1 matches. Put one more enemy in and I certainly loose the match. Going to work on my...
  20. lokiase

    Naming Contest For My Game

    I have some graphical errors too. but it works :) and it´s playable Ati hd 2600 notebook graphics. Thx otaco! Great work so far :)