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  1. beavith

    Iphone/ipod/ipad Os On Pandora?

    Why would you want it? I know I'm going to come across as a jerk by saying this, but honestly, I hate that OS. It gives you virtually no options, and I've always thought of the Pandora as a little opensource computer. Not a closed app crap.
  2. beavith

    The Rabbit Joint

    What do you guys think of Sarah Palin's up coming nature show on Discovery?
  3. beavith

    Once I Get My Pandora I'm Gonna...

    Divert all my attention away from Highschool, and into making games!
  4. beavith

    Where Are You From?

    I thought it might be interesting to see where all of us are from! I mean, hey, maybe we're neighbors. Mankato, Minnesota, USA!
  5. beavith

    Is rolling his stats

    Is rolling his stats
  6. beavith

    Is rolling his stats

    Is rolling his stats
  7. beavith

    Vaper Ware

    The Pandora are Vaper Ware?
  8. beavith

    Pandora - Obsolete?

    Just leave.
  9. beavith

    New Picture

    It's most likely just a bunch of headshots to put in our orders.
  10. beavith

    Linux: What`s yours called

    I use Vista :unsure:
  11. beavith

    Pandora Wi-Fi On 350kilobytes/s

    So, will being able to download directly to the SD cards?
  12. beavith

    Putting A Cellphone In This Thing?

    I never thought about that. There does seem to be at least a small following on Youtube though.
  13. beavith

    I Want To Be A Programmer.

    Well, I've been loitering around PC shops, and the guys there think it's cool that I'm getting into it. I'm moving through Python pretty quick, it's actually coming pretty easy to me. >>>
  14. beavith

    Gp2X Wiz

    Not without exceptions, but I'm fairly certain that is the case.
  15. beavith

    I Want To Be A Programmer.

    I sense tensions rising.... I think I'm going to start with Python. It seems really straight forward, and I'm allready getting a feel for it! >>> print "Thanks!" >>>Thanks!
  16. beavith

    I Want To Be A Programmer.

    Yes I feel like I am crazy enough haha. And I updated the poll so take a look.
  17. beavith

    I Want To Be A Programmer.

    Isn't it really hard to move from basic, onto more complex languages? At some point I have to move to something like C++....right?
  18. beavith

    I Want To Be A Programmer.

    Thanks everyone, all of your comments mean a great deal to me. I've downloaded Python, and I am reading the book that overjupiter suggested.
  19. beavith

    I Want To Be A Programmer.

    Being a computer programmer is something I have taken a great deal of interest in over the past year or so. I love computers, math, and solving problems, and I honestly think this is something I would like to do with my life. I'm only 15, but this is something I really want to learn how to do...
  20. beavith

    Beta Appstore

    I'm open to test the appstore. In fact, if there is anything you guys want me to test/look at/break, let me know. I really am interested in the project, and would like to help. I want to learn how to get better at programming, so maybe this kinda thing would help? Wall of text over, answer=yes.