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    List Of Open Source Sdl Games

    OK, so I remember when gp2x first came out there was a topic with a huge list of open source sdl games so that people looking for something to port could find games easily. I'm interested in learning SDL now and so came to find the list so I can check out source code but now I can't seem to...
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    Fifteen Sixteen Puzzle

    OK, I have another one done. This time it should be compiled for the gp32 correctly. The source code is with this one as well. Right now you just try to get the numbers from 1-15 and then the blank piece. I'm thinking about adding a menu...
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    First Game

    Here is my first game, it's pretty much just snake, but when you eat an apple it adds an obsticle to the screen. I'm not really sure how to compile it for a gp32 though, do they play regular fenix files? I made the controls all gp32 compatible but I don't know if I have to compile it...