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  1. andyhamer

    Old DOS shooter.. anyone tried it?

    After reading a recent article about forgotten/under appreciated DOS games that mentioned a title that i had long since forgotten about and that a friend of mine used to own back in the day: (Chasm - The Rift) i used to enjoy this immensely (strategic dismemberment.. what's not to like?) i'm...
  2. andyhamer

    Possible: Blood for pandora

    It's got my vote (big fan) try as i might (and believe me i have tried) can't get it to run in Dosbox.
  3. andyhamer

    Albion.. how to?

    Never got round to playing it back in the day.. Can someone educate me how to.. firstly (legally) find a copy already tried G.O.G and they don't stock it, any other digital stores i can try, and can the data from these versions be used? and how to go about extracting/ripping or whatever you...
  4. andyhamer

    SORR config

    I do understand this (i was playing these consoles the first time around) but i don't agree that it doesn't make sense to include at least an option to scale/stretch (the word is a clue ie: not mandatory) for people who either aren't overly concerned with the correct aspect ratio (there are...
  5. andyhamer

    SORR config

    OK.. Thanks, to be quite honest i suspected as much, as far as having the correct aspect ratio goes it's never really concerned me greatly (i know i'm in the minority here) more so when on a portable device when screen real estate is vitally important especially for people (like myself) whose...
  6. andyhamer

    SORR config

    OK.. By fullscreen i mean NOT in a window (which i know, you can do) & WITHOUT borders ie: stretched/scaled to the Pandoras full 800 x 480 (which i would like to do) screen size or however you wish to describe it, wasn't my intention to be deliberately obtuse, i thought it was pretty obvious...
  7. andyhamer

    SORR config

    Sigh.. (was hoping there may have been a scaling option though) OK.. c'est la vie
  8. andyhamer

    SORR config

    Yes.. I have a funny feeling you are now going to tell me that there isn't an option for this..
  9. andyhamer

    SORR config

    Thanks.. but no, for whatever reason running the .pnd didn't create an appdata folder (or at least mine didn't) and so no configuration file, no idea why.. i just created a SORR folder and dropped the game files into it. Any further suggestions would be most welcome.
  10. andyhamer

    SORR config

  11. andyhamer

    SORR config

    Sigh.. something else that doesn't have an option to stretch/scale the screen, i understand that many devs/porters & users crave emulation 'accuracy' but i don't get why those emulators/games that don't default to fullscreen or natively support the Pandora's screen resolution, can't at least...
  12. andyhamer

    SORR config

    Can someone help me with this, i can't seem to find the optimal config.. There isn't an option to stretch to fullscreen.. am i right?, or to save your configs? the speed is also screwed up for me HQ2x is far too slow regardless of how high i overclock and the other two modes speedup to...
  13. andyhamer

    Ginge help please

    Just downloaded Notaz's new Ginge, but how do i use it (the documentation doesn't work) where do i put the folders (zipped, unzipped) what structure, etc.. i am trying to run the Wiz CPS2 emulator Thanks.
  14. andyhamer

    Rearmed query

    Just wondering about different region games, i am having quite a lot of issues trying to launch (NTSC-J in particular) but it also happens from time to time with other regions, the games boot up fine but i can't start them, no buttons respond (i have then tried whatever game i am having issues...
  15. andyhamer

    Emulation Updates & General State of Software

    I know this isn't popular (or at least it doesn't seem to be with the devs/porters, bring on the vitriol..!) but as far as i am concerned they ALL desperately need shader, screen scaling & filtering support.. if some users and devs are concerned with authenticity/accuracy that's fine, but please...
  16. andyhamer

    Quake 3 controls

    Can someone give me a little assistance here.. I've been fiddling about with the in-game options for a while now, and can't seem to come up with anything workable. I would prefer a standard console fps setup ie: left nub move, right nub look, left shoulder jump, right shoulder shoot, dpad...
  17. andyhamer

    My first contribution

    Just a little feedback here.. It's working mostly great (and looks/sounds lovely.. ah memories) i would personally find it easier with the left/right mouse on opposite shoulders.. but hey, i have had two complete freezes whilst running through the training (and i had to reboot to fix) haven't...
  18. andyhamer

    My first contribution

    Fantastic, many many thanks.. This game is easily in my top ten of all time, haven't played for years & am very interested to see how it looks and plays on the Pandora. I do hope projects like this will inspire others to convert/port over some other old PC classics.. now where is my...
  19. andyhamer

    Tutorial: How to save space on PS1 games without ripping video or music

    Followed your guide to the letter, everything i have have converted: unsupported/invalid CD image..??