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  1. Kyo

    Neues PSX video

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  2. Kyo

    Preorder erweitern?

    Als ich den pandora bestellte wusste ich nicht ob ich noch genug geld für eine tasche hätte, also habe ich mir keine gekauft. Jetzt weiss ich es, und will eine. Kann ich meine bestellung irgendwie erweitern? Habe nicht wirklich lust dafür jetzt extra versandkosten zu bezahlen...
  3. Kyo

    Oh Btw, Engadget So yeah, that might be part of the reason for the slowness :)
  4. Kyo

    [for Those Who Order From The 1st Batch] Will You Develop/port Softwar

    since some people seem to be concerned about the amount of software available from the beginning on, I decided to make this poll.
  5. Kyo

    English Preorder/preorder In Other Countries

    Now we all know that there's not only but also and such, I am signed up to both the german and english newsletter, but my question is: Is there a difference between preorder for the states, UK and other countries like germany? Like, will the preordering in germany...
  6. Kyo

    If You're Into Webcomics...

    I recently opened up a webcomic host. So if you like reading or even making webcomics, I'd really appreciate it if you could take a look: comic fury webcomic hosting Things are going kind of slow, so I figured I'd advertise a little in the forums I'm active in. It doesn't really fit the theme...
  7. Kyo

    Analog Nubs - Poll #2

    vote... again!
  8. Kyo

    Analog Nubs - Poll vote!
  9. Kyo

    Two Spriters Looking For A Programmer

    Hello Gentlemen and Ladies! I and a friend of mine are both... involved in pixel art. However, my friend lacks programming knowledge of any kind, and my C knowledge is just basic. None the less do we want to make games for the pandora, so what we're searching for is a programmer who will...