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  1. Timstertoo

    MSX emulation

    I was looking for a trip down memory lane so I downloaded the emulator MSX.emu and after that the one called just MSX. Popped in couple of my old favorite disks in the correct folder but only 2 will boot and only one is playable. Does anyone have experience with this? What I'm wondering is...
  2. Timstertoo

    Game recommendation for travel with my 2 daughters

    Flying to England tomorrow with my 2 daughters (9 & 11). Flight is about 1,5 hours en we'll have a 2,5 hour train ride. Plus waiting. So a good 6-7 hours to kill. Do you have any recommendations for games that will help us through that time? I'm thinking either something we can cooperate on...
  3. Timstertoo

    Arduino IDE not starting

    Got myself an Arduino and got all excited of hooking it up to my Pandora. Got even more excited when i saw there was a PND for the Arduino IDE. But when I download and try to run it, exactly nothing happens. Is it working for others? 
  4. Timstertoo

    Mojang getting bought by Microsoft (title edited) Unexpected to say the least.  :blink: I thought he was the kind of guy that loved his independence and I don't think the money will change his lifestyle as he has already plenty of it...
  5. Timstertoo

    Any one in Brussel for FOSDEM friday evening?

    And up for a beer?
  6. Timstertoo

    1Ghz Pandora says 600mhz at set CPU speed

    I was tinkering with the settings and I noticed that under set CPU speed I can go from 600mhz up to 800mhz but I have bought a 1GhZ Pandora. Assuming it doesn't mean I actually have a rebirth instead of a 1Ghz (or do I?) is there a reason the CPU speed is at 600mhz? I did a search but couldn't...
  7. Timstertoo

    Anyone got the FTP support on Bluefish working?

    I'm failing miserabely. Basically I'm trying to do this: but that's not working for me.
  8. Timstertoo

    Sticky setup tutorial

    Is there a concise tutorial somewhere to setup compo4all? The release thread has so many pages I haven't found the time yet to get stuck in and read up on that. If there isn't one I'd be happy to make it for future reference! First questions I have and would probably be good to have in the...
  9. Timstertoo

    FTP support on Geany

    When I'm web developing I prefer to directly work on the server. This also prevents me from destroying my partner in IT crime his work by accidentely uploading an older local version. Basically we always open from the server and start working. We of course also back work up locally but there is...
  10. Timstertoo

    Demanding refund after paying Pandora in full to ED

    I was wondering. What if I donate the remainder between what I've paid now and the community donation.  So I've paid € 200,- (and € 41,- VAT on top of that) and I've donated € 10,- so at this point I owe the community € 90,- I also paid the full amount for the tv out cable which I also ordered...
  11. Timstertoo

    Any advice om dealing with the upcoming void in my life?

    I'm afraid I have to come to terms that an important part of my last 4 years is coming to an end. I have to say goodbye to old friends and will hopefully make some new ones. I know quite a few of you have been where I will be soon so any tips to dealing with suddenly not being part of a certain...
  12. Timstertoo

    Idea for more donations

    Just something that popped in my head and wanted to throw it out here. Lot's of us have talents that could be really helpfull to others. We have programmers, web designers, graphic designers etc etc. How about we make our own little freelancer just for forumites and the proceeds go into the...
  13. Timstertoo

    Split from "Amnesty Please" - Mod Corruption

    Hear hear! Power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely. Also on this board I found out today after my post got deleted asking politely about the reason after a decision.
  14. Timstertoo

    When is the mail going out?

    Hey ED, Firstly, I don't mean to rush you. It's just for my sanity :) When are you planning to send out the mail for the upgrades? The money is burning in my pocket and I'm checking my mail a bit too often including my spam folders whilst having my credit card within reach. Good thing is that...
  15. Timstertoo

    Stats of upgrades

    Second try with this question seeing as the last thread I started with this question was hijacked by lcd troubles and my question was ignored.  I was wondering if ED is willing to give us a bit more data concerning the upgraders. Last thing I heard is that the $200,- tier got a mail sent to...
  16. Timstertoo

    Heroes of Might and Magic promo on GOG

    Quick heads up for fellow HOMM fanboys! I just bought a great package on Heroes of Might and Magic I-V with all the extra goodies. Promo ends in 22 hours from now. I've loved this series since the beginning and this was a great chance to...
  17. Timstertoo

    upgrade stats

    I was wondering if ED is willing to give us a bit more data concerning the upgraders. Last thing I heard is that the $200,- tier got a mail sent to them. Is that the whole $200,- tier? And does that also mean you have enough funds to subsidise the remainder and send them straight away? That...
  18. Timstertoo

    Idea to break the impasse

    Crazy idea, but might be worth toying with and see if something good comes out of it. What if we, the original pre orders, lend ED the money to send us our unit and he pays us back when he makes the sales? ED would be able to send us an unit immediately and once the queue is cleared they...
  19. Timstertoo

    How about some more moderators?

    I've been getting the feeling recently this forum has changed from an entity that manages himself pretty good to one that needs more moderation. I don't know if I'm alone in this but personally I get the feeling that the amount of unfriendly, and in my opinion childish, reactions have grown...
  20. Timstertoo

    Good news for the Pandora Just saw this on Engadget. Something you won't have to worry about with the Pandora. :)