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  1. Hồng Thất Công

    Pandora RGB

    Can the Pandora output true RGB? I want to connect it to my Sony BVM RGB monitor to get the best signal for low res games.
  2. Hồng Thất Công

    NVIDIA GTX-970 Class Action Lawsuit

    If you own one, you could get back $30 bucks or a little more thanks to NVIDIA inaccurate marketing.
  3. Hồng Thất Công

    Release Diablo 2

    notaz has just released Diablo 2 on the repo!!!  This is awesome!  Pandora forever!!! Thank you notaz!!!
  4. Hồng Thất Công

    Oops! Boycott Germany!

    Ed posted this about 2 hours ago. Will Pyra be affected?
  5. Hồng Thất Công

    Wifi Antenna

    Ed, Do you sell Pandora's wifi antnena module?  Couldn't find one in your shop. Thanks, Ryo
  6. Hồng Thất Công

    Germanwings flight 9525

    My condolences to the families of 72 Germans, 35 Spaniards, three Americans and two people each from Australia, Argentina, Iran, Venezuela, and one person each from Britain, the Netherlands, Colombia, Mexico, Japan, Denmark, Belgium and Israel.
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    Where's the Donate Button?

    It's been a while that I have not seen the green Donate button, and I kinda miss it. :) .  IIRC, Ed said something to the effect that PayPal stops allowing him to take money from donations or something?  I don't have lots of money, but I would like to do my part to donate a little towards...
  8. Hồng Thất Công

    Final keyboard layout proposals - Discussion thread

    I don't like where F12 is located [in this proposal, - _wb_].  Can it be moved to the same row and next to F11?
  9. Hồng Thất Công

    Boot from USB?

    Similar to booting Pandora from a SD card, is there a way to boot Pandora Super Zaxxon from USB?  I'm interested in installing SZ on my 2TB external USB hard drive, and would like to know if this is possible.  If so, please provide instructions. Thanks in advance and have a great day. Shenmue
  10. Hồng Thất Công

    Munich may drop Linux and return to Windows "...a recent study by the German national security agency BSI, which found that Linux had a higher number of vulnerabilities than Windows..."
  11. Hồng Thất Công

    Pandora audio - Which is better?

    Hello there, The Pandora can output audio via the headphone jack and the TV-Out cable.  I am just curious which one has better sound quality.  I am planning to hook the Pandora to an amplifer which drives 4 large DJ speakers and a subwoofer for a big home party and want to know which output is...
  12. Hồng Thất Công

    Pandora TV-Out HW Scaler Question

    Not sure this falls into General Talk or Support so mods feel free to move it. Is it possible to enable all games (including emulators) on the Pandora to use HW Scaler for TV-Out?  Seems to me HW Scaler gives me better images/graphics than Main Layer? Is this something games or emulators have...
  13. Hồng Thất Công

    TV-Out profiles

    Hello, Where are the TV-Out profiles saved in Pandora?  I've set a number of different TV profiles on Pandora for each of the TVs in my house.  I would like to copy these out and save it somewhere in case I reflash my Pandora, so that all I have to do is import these back into the same location...
  14. Hồng Thất Công

    Google Project Tango Tablet will come out in 2015

    ...and will use NVidia Tegra K1.  It looks pretty nice.
  15. Hồng Thất Công

    Soccer World Cup 2014 - Who are you rooting for?

    First match on June 12 - Brazil vs. Croatia but I'm not rooting for either of these teams.  I'm rooting for USA (since Jurgen Klinsmann is its coach), France and Netherland in that order  :) .  Hopefully France get their act together this time ;)   What team(s) are you rooting for?
  16. Hồng Thất Công

    How Do I Pair Ouya Controller with the Pandora?

    The Pandora bluetooth was able to find the Ouya controller alright, but then it generated a PIN and  asked the Ouya controller to enter that PIN.  Well, there's no numeric keypad on the Ouya controller to input this code.  So is there a way to enter this code from the Ouya controller in order to...
  17. Hồng Thất Công

    256GB Lexar SDXC for $19.99?!!!??!!! And free shipping?!! Is this even true? And so I took the plunge....
  18. Hồng Thất Công

    Everdrive64 V2 (NTSC-US)

    When is it back in stock?  I want the complete one:  US Shell, CIC-6102 Chip, USB Installed
  19. Hồng Thất Công

    What happened to "View New Content" ?

    Yeah what happened?  I used to be able to click on that link and all of the, well, new contents show up.  This is no longer the case.  What's wrong mods?
  20. Hồng Thất Công

    Pyra Battery Discussion

    There are lots of discussion on Pyra action buttons.  There are lots of discussion on Pyra keyboard layouts.  There are lots of discussion on Pyra logo.  There are even lots of discussion on Pyra slogan.  But there are not a lot of discussion or a thread about the stuff that power the Pyra - the...