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  1. andyhamer

    Old DOS shooter.. anyone tried it?

    After reading a recent article about forgotten/under appreciated DOS games that mentioned a title that i had long since forgotten about and that a friend of mine used to own back in the day: (Chasm - The Rift) i used to enjoy this immensely (strategic dismemberment.. what's not to like?) i'm...
  2. andyhamer

    Albion.. how to?

    Never got round to playing it back in the day.. Can someone educate me how to.. firstly (legally) find a copy already tried G.O.G and they don't stock it, any other digital stores i can try, and can the data from these versions be used? and how to go about extracting/ripping or whatever you...
  3. andyhamer

    SORR config

    Can someone help me with this, i can't seem to find the optimal config.. There isn't an option to stretch to fullscreen.. am i right?, or to save your configs? the speed is also screwed up for me HQ2x is far too slow regardless of how high i overclock and the other two modes speedup to...
  4. andyhamer

    Ginge help please

    Just downloaded Notaz's new Ginge, but how do i use it (the documentation doesn't work) where do i put the folders (zipped, unzipped) what structure, etc.. i am trying to run the Wiz CPS2 emulator Thanks.
  5. andyhamer

    Rearmed query

    Just wondering about different region games, i am having quite a lot of issues trying to launch (NTSC-J in particular) but it also happens from time to time with other regions, the games boot up fine but i can't start them, no buttons respond (i have then tried whatever game i am having issues...
  6. andyhamer

    Quake 3 controls

    Can someone give me a little assistance here.. I've been fiddling about with the in-game options for a while now, and can't seem to come up with anything workable. I would prefer a standard console fps setup ie: left nub move, right nub look, left shoulder jump, right shoulder shoot, dpad...
  7. andyhamer

    Mame .106 controls..?

    I've been fiddling with this for a while now, how on earth do i map controls? (global config would be nice) also how do i change games & quit without rebooting, there doesn't seem to be any documentation or guide(unless i have missed them) Thanks. EDIT: Anyone know if it's possible to set...
  8. andyhamer

    Chocolate Doom..?

    Probably the mother of all stupid questions, but what am i supposed to do with this? I am THE person who has never played Doom, if i need to be buying the game can someone suggest where to buy a digital version (G.O.G doesn't have ANY versions) Thanks.
  9. andyhamer

    terminal command help

    I'm trying to get rid of the immensely irritating desktop blanking 'feature' however when i enter sudo: mousepad/etc/X11/xorg.conf i get a command not found error, any ideas where i am going wrong with this? Thanks.
  10. andyhamer

    couple of pcsx_rearmed questions

    Anyone got any ideas why my SFA III (ripped from my own disk bin/cue tried converting to .img also) will not work on rearmed r8 (latest version?) just sits at the now loading menu indefinitely i have tried ripping several times just in case the process didn't go smoothly, i am using exactly the...
  11. andyhamer

    Music Player.. which?

    I'm currently using Rockbox, but find it a little convoluted for my tastes. All i really want is something that can play the entire contents of a music folder sequentially & randomly, and a repeat/loop function, not really bothered about fancy UI's or a myriad of audio tweaking options, the...
  12. andyhamer

    Connecting to external speakers..?

    Would it be possible to connect a couple of (what i'm presuming are standard L/R audio in cables) from the (antiquated) stereo in my place of work (there is only so much free newspaper CD compilations, a person can tolerate!) & use my Pandora as a music player that way. I have a couple of the...
  13. andyhamer

    Mame question

    Didn't really bother with Mame before as i thought it was still unoptimised, but after reading a few other threads that mention Mame4all has decent speed/compatibility now, i thought it may be worth firing it up. After some digging around i found my old GP2X (around 2700 roms) romset, i have a...
  14. andyhamer

    FBA/Next etc..?

    I've just done a quick search and can't find any announcements that anyone is working on this yet.. have i missed something? or is there still no dev activity on this despite the pledges (incl myself £25) Surely it is a better alternative than the current Mame builds we have (no disrespect to...
  15. andyhamer

    Would Anyone Be Interested In Attempting..

    something along the lines of Osu! (not open!) which is a windows version of!_Tatakae!_Ouendan and it's semi sequel Seems like a perfect fit for the Pandora to me, i have both Ouendan...
  16. andyhamer

    ScummVM Screen issue

    Is there not a way a way to run this without the black borders? (even on the launcher) iv'e tried every combination of filters and options (anything x3 causes it to crash) surely these games need to be using the entire screen, i'm pretty sure it runs fullscreen on the GP2X, Wiz, Caanoo & pretty...
  17. andyhamer

    PS1 bin/cue question

    I have just discovered that one of my favourite PS1 games that i ripped ages ago (Tempest X3) has a missing .cue file, i have recently tried the .bin on Rearmed hoping that would be enough, but unfortunately it won't go beyond the title screen (it is listed as perfect in the Rearmed...
  18. andyhamer

    Useful to us here perhaps..?

    Recently stumbled across this seems an interesting project, admittedly it's a bit rough & ready currently, but could this potentially be of benefit to us pandorians?.. i now to defer to those more knowledgeable than myself.
  19. andyhamer

    Left Nub

    I thought things were going unusually well with my unit (apart from the immensely frustrating SD cards/slots or whatever the flip is the problem there) but c'est la vie.. I have noticed over the course of the last couple of days that the left nub's range of movement to the left has been...
  20. andyhamer

    eduke32 control config

    Is there an option for a custom config for this? say for example something similar to default console FPS controls left nub - move, right nub - look, jump/shoot - buttons, dpad - weapon change etc.. the default controls are all over the place for me. Can someone tell me how you quit the game...