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  1. diligentcircle

    Really cool modular and freedom-respecting computer

    Chris from Think Penguin has mentioned this before, but it's being crowd-funded now, and it's really cool! So, basically, the design is there's a "PC card" that has the actual computer on it, and you put that into a case. The case can be a...
  2. diligentcircle

    SD cards fail to mount properly on my Pandora

    This is a problem I had in the past which just started happening to me again yesterday. I have no idea what triggers it or why it happens. But what happens is that the SD cards (though not necessarily all of them; it's inconsistent) don't get mounted to the proper place. Rather than going to...
  3. diligentcircle

    Structure of the Pyra OS repository

    I'm still wondering about this, which I didn't really get an answer to: Is the Pyra OS going to have a policy to put any proprietary programs added to its repository in a "non-free" section, so that someone who wants to avoid proprietary...
  4. diligentcircle


    Question: does vrms work properly? If not, is it going to be made to work properly by the time the Pyra is released?
  5. diligentcircle

    How will the battery be held in place?

    Is the Pyra still going to have its battery held in place by a battery cover? I ask because I consider this to be a massive design flaw of the Pandora; for most devices the battery cover is a cosmetic thing, not a requirement for the device to even function. And then there's the fact that this...
  6. diligentcircle

    I'm crowdfunding my newest game: reTux (new Mario-inspired platformer)

    ReTux is a new game I've been working on, written in Python and utilizing the art assets from SuperTux. Campaign page is here: Videos here:
  7. diligentcircle

    Where to get a replacement battery cover?

    My second battery cover is developing a crack, probably because the cardboard I used to make some new batteries thicker is too thick (the battery cover didn't come with the paddings they're supposed to come with, for some reason). So I'd like a new cover, but I'm having some trouble. I found...
  8. diligentcircle

    Can't run Tiled without GPU blob

    So, just to make sure, I tested Tiled first, with libgles-omap3-es23 and libgles-omap3-dm3730 still installed. It opened as expected. Then I removed these packages, and tried again (a couple times). I got this in /var/tmp/pndrun_tiled.out: To be perfectly clear...
  9. diligentcircle

    How close does the Pyra's design come to respecting your freedom?

    Just curious. If it ends up being as good as or better than the Pandora, I could see myself getting one at some point. Compared to the Pandora, is it a step forward, about the same, or a step backward? Another question of interest: I think I read somewhere that the Pyra's OS is going to be...
  10. diligentcircle

    How to remove the proprietary GPU blob?

    Decided to revive my old Pandora; it'll be useful for a trip that's coming up, and it'll probably be useful again in the future with its battery life. So, I'm trying to remove the proprietary software in SuperZaxxon, i.e. the wireless firmware and whatever the proprietary software related to...
  11. diligentcircle

    Names for GNU/Linux that bother you

    Last poll, I promise. This time, I want to ask about names for GNU/Linux that bother you, i.e. names you definitely don't want people using to refer to the GNU/Linux system. The options listed in the first question are: "GNU/Linux": Expresses that the system is a combination of the GNU...
  12. diligentcircle

    Best way to say "GNU/Linux"

    EDIT: Poll removed; see for a similar, but more useful poll. Slightly different from another poll, I want to hear what sounds better in your opinion when spoken. The options: "g'noo slash lih-nuks" (GNU...
  13. diligentcircle

    Names for GNU/Linux that you like

    EDIT: This originally asked for favorites, but I've changed it to what names you like, as a multiple-choice question. I think that's more interesting. The choices are: "GNU/Linux": Expresses that the system is a combination of the GNU operating system and Linux. Has been misinterpreted by many...
  14. diligentcircle

    2-D universal game engine: SGE

    The Stellar Game Engine (SGE, pronounced like "sage") is a free/libre/open-source game engine for Python, implemented currently via Pygame, though I intend to develop other implementations (particularly Pyglet and PySDL2) at some point in the future. I haven't done extensive testing of SGE on...
  15. diligentcircle

    W3C going through with adding DRM to HTML

    I'm sort of surprised that there isn't a topic about this here already. The World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) is going through with a proposal called "Electronic Media Extensions" (EME), which is an attempt to incorporate Digital Restrictions Management (DRM) into HTML itself by standardizing a...
  16. diligentcircle

    Stellar: A Free/Libre/Open-Source Game Maker Replacement

    Hello again, OpenPandora community. I've been gone for quite a while now (4 months or so?), though I don't know if anyone noticed. I'm not interested in the Pandora anymore, and I'm not really all that interested in this open source community, either. However, you might be interested in this...
  17. diligentcircle

    Request: Completely free OS

    Hi, Although the systems available on the OS are mostly free software, some nonfree software exists. There is nonfree firmware for the WiFi and GPU, and a nonfree driver for the GPU. Although this probably does not bother many people, it does bother me. In addition, the default OS offers...
  18. diligentcircle

    Nintendo Community Fangame Convention

    I don't know how much anyone here is interested in fangames, but in case anyone is, I just wanted to give a shoutout to the Nintendo Community Fangame Convention (NCFC). It's a yearly online "convention" where people who make fangames can show these fangames off, and there's some other related...
  19. diligentcircle

    Release Random Phrase Generator

    This is one that's been sitting around for a while, and I just now put it up on my website, finally. It's a little command-line program that generates random (hopefully humorous) phrases. I haven't packaged it into a PND because there's no real need for it and it would only make it more...
  20. diligentcircle

    Offer to terminate unresponsive programs doesn't seem to work correctly

    So, when a program has been unresponsive, you get a message that offers to terminate the unresponsive program. For me, this has only happened with Firefox and Claws Mail, nothing else I use has ever been unresponsive long enough for that message to appear. The problem: it doesn't seem to work...