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  1. Sphinxter

    Confirmed; Future Pandora Device To Include Phone!

    This sketch on an Encino bar napkin found under a lost 5G iPhone prototype may provide a startling glimpse into the future;
  2. Sphinxter

    What's Your Level Of P&|a Commitment

    Mud check time. Personally, my patience is infinite, considered it a worthy cause and wrote it off a long time ago so I'm in for the long haul. I sense ants in the pants of more than a few, how bad do you want it and exactly how long will you wait for it...
  3. Sphinxter

    Anyone Ever Get A Free Dr. Pepper?

    I have never received my free Dr. Pepper coupon after finally getting through and signing up on their web site after the release of Guns and Roses Chinese Democracy. Did anybody get one?
  4. Sphinxter


    Not affiliated with the project in any way other than loitering on the gp2x side for a couple years, just finished a game, re-emerged my world with a new hard disk and had some bandwidth, few thoughts on an interface for a small device such as the Pandora and thought I'd share my notes. Not...
  5. Sphinxter

    Buzzy's Bad Day

    Brand X presents, "Buzzy's Bad Day", another solo effort by Linus Sphinx depicting the classic struggle for life and death in the garden of evil in this latest artistic shooter entry in his Return To The Arcade series. This time out you take the role of Buzzy, one big ugly bug with a bad...
  6. Sphinxter

    Grieving For The Gp2x

    Think I'm at about 2.5, still pissed and trying to think of an alternative future. If you don't have one, STFU
  7. Sphinxter

    Is Installing Ultima 7 On Linux Possible?

    I read the Exult docs, looked in the Ultima\ 7\ -\ The\ Black\ off abandonia and am a little stumped. Is it possible to unpack this without access to a windows/dos machine?
  8. Sphinxter

    Invasion Of The Cow Suckers Full Release

    Invasion Of The Cow Suckers is Linus Sphinx's epic solo effort based on his 60's adventures and grammar school essay titled, "How I Spent My Summer Vacation". Brand X kicking down some wild western redneck old skool retro forkem'up action you won't be able to set down complete with a boss level...
  9. Sphinxter

    What's The Best Day Of The Week To Release A Game?

    The white house buries it's garbage on Friday's as fewer people read the paper or watch the news on the weekend and release the propoganda they want you to eat on Monday. Thinking along the general tide of news and gaming habits, psyche, of the general homebrew population when would you say is...
  10. Sphinxter

    Coin Button On The F200?

    Just got my F200(B), upgraded to Mame 5.0, runs great but in some of my older roms that I was playing in 3.7 on the F100 mkII the Select button no longer drops a coin. They just sit taunting me eternally. Anyone else seen this behavior?
  11. Sphinxter

    Supporting And Encouraging Jxd

    I too was blinded by the, "oooh shiny", factor when the 301 first appeared and was all poised to jump on board. It took a stern remark from my cubemate to remind me why I develop for the GP2X, because it's free and open with no restrictions, a couple things unfortunately most of the workers on...
  12. Sphinxter

    Fish Ball Bumped To 1.2

    Improved color and a flicker free ocean zoom. Available here
  13. Sphinxter

    Fish Ball

    Think pac-man in a 16x larger soft physics driven maze with a continually increasing number of maze ignoring unrelenting semi-intelligent ghosts you can't eat and barely dodge with dots that once touched become your responsibility and in the middle of this dilemma simultaneously playing a...
  14. Sphinxter

    Linus Sphinx's Frogs Of War Now Playing

    Frogs of War - Side Scrolling Run And Gun Platform Shooter. Just in time for the holidays. Tip sheet etc. on the web site.