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    Retropie \ Batocera \ Lakka \ Recalbox like distro or interface?

    One of the goals of the pandora project, and I remember hearing ED boast about it quite a bit, was the whole 'more than a computer' and alternatively, 'more than a game console' aspect of the pandora. Well, with the explosion of single board computers that appeared since the pandora's release...

    FF7 Remake

    If you were not aware, remaking FF7 for PS4 and it look absolutely beautiful. However.... THEY HAD ONE JOB!!!! REMAKE, as in not fucking gut the game mechanics.... Looks like they did a crisis core on this... NERD RAGE!!!

    Magic The Gathering related software

    Some of you may have heard of Magic The Gathering, if not it's a wonderful trading card game that started in the 90's There are tons of apps for keeping track of life, looking up prices, building decks, tracking your collection etc. Was wondering if there was an application for this in the...

    Steam Summer Sale 2014

    Was going to post this yesterday, but was busy... It's like Hanukkah but for video games! 12 days of fighting to keep my wallet in my pocket.(hanukkah is 8 days not 12) That's right gentlemen, it's Steam Summer Sale once agian! Post what you've...

    Memory Poll on Pyra

    The emmc/microsd/ssd poll appears inconclusive in user preference. I know preference exists between the community, but I doubt it's cut right down the middle like is being shown. I personally feel both options would be acceptable as well, but I fear for the lack of being able to future proof the...

    Help with flashing android to internal storeage

    I would like to flash android to the internal storage on my pandora to play around with for a while and would like some assistance if possible. I can't quite make out what needs to be done next but I think I got the idea down, just need some help pulling it together. I've taken notaz's CM7 pnd...

    another android preference poll (anonymous)

    see above EDIT: some unambiguous clarification for the first question If you want or think android should be made available on pandora, yes if you don't want or think android should be made available on pandora, no if you think it's a good idea for others to have it just not for you, yes...

    My journey into atheism and theories on life

    Let me start off by saying, I have no real outlet for this because I live in the bible belt of america (very christian mindset) so all my friends and work colleagues are not at the same intellectual level as I am or so devoted in their theism that I would be shunned as a heretic for my...

    don't click this link

    your life will be ruined.... forevar more grandmas... I'm at 1.7m cps in case anyone is wondering


    This is either the most elaborate non-serious video in history or.... i... um... well... just watch it... it's amazing I had no idea what the product was being unboxed before watching it... it somehow made the experience better, so don't say anything in the comments/thread...

    Project64 2.0 source released

    Stumbled upon this today. While Project64 has been open sourced in past versions, the most recent and up to date versions remained closed source. Then as what was believed to be an april fools joke turned out to be the real deal. Not sure on how...

    selling off some of my collection

    Have way too many, don't have time to play with them anymore, if interested here's the listings [sOLD] Dingoo A320 [sOLD] LetCool 350JP [sOLD] JXD S601 [sOLD] JXD S602 [sOLD] GCW Zero Prototype [sOLD] Sony PSP3000 x2 Sony Xperia Play...


    What's even better than my awesome topic title???? the fact that this game exists... is actively developing a remake of what is (in my personal opinion) is the best racing game of all time Rock-n-Roll Racing 3d Yea, that's right... 3D biznitches...

    guide for building pandora firmware from source?

    I was wanting to know if someone has written a newbie guide on pulling down source and compiling the pandora's OS from source and packaging it up to be flashed with flasher utility, I did a search but couldn't really find anything all in one place. I wrote a newbie friendly guide going from...

    Something very interesting

    has anyone else seen this?? this is a render by our very own Dave C who helped design the pandora and icp, looks sorta like an old pandora concept, but I really like the design

    Open webOS

    tapatalk plug-in broken

    I'm able to log in, view, respond to topics and pm other users... however it doesn't track forum view history. I see "new" posts as posts I've already read within the tapatalk app. Previous read forum posts from a desktop come up fine as read. Another issue is when editing posts I get weird...

    some quick development questions and advice

    quick and somewhat minor development question I want to rebuid some emulator front ends already available and possibly even more in the future. First thing I want to do at a minimum is reskin picklauncher for the specific systems already available. I do like the snes and gnuboy skins, so I may...

    how do I check what is draining my battery?

    I'm having trouble trying to track down a severe battery drain on my new pandora I'm not seeing the 30+ hour battery life in "low power mode" or the 100+ hour in "suspend" on the new beta. I might get 12 hours max on battery doing nothing at all, tried just closing the lid, hitting the switch...

    Backlit keyboard idea

    saw a topic on the ask ed questions section that brought up the idea of backlit keyboard.... while this is not a new idea and a sadly missing feature on the current pandora the question of how would you implement it on the 2nd iteration my idea would be to use more of a translucent rubber...