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    Ps3 Realtime Screenshots (mgs4)

    I can't believe how good the next gen graphics are getting. It looks like the graphics on the PS3 are only limited by the art team involved, and not the power of the system. Looks like I've got my work cut out if I wanna keep my job in this industry...
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    What Is Sega

    Dammit, I submitted before I typed the title properly. So ignore the title. SEGA has a secret and this guy said he's seen it. What could it be?
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    Another Ourcolony Pic, But This Time A Screenshot!

    For those who were underwhelmed by the screenshot on should take a look at these. These are screenshots from a Next Gen title thats in development. Rumors state that it's from Xbox2 since noone has any Sony tools at present.
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    Gizmondo!!!! Release Date

    I heard so much about this it just isn't funny. So many people who don't know how GPS actually works. GPS systems DO NOT TRANSMIT THEIR LOCATION they deduct their location by means triangulation. Noone is going to be able to track someone down just because they are carrying a GPS with them...
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    A Nice Thread All About The Psp

    Just some more interesting facts for those who are excited by the PSP. This image shows the option for viewing data or launching utilities off the memory stick. Wheather this data is encrypted with RSA or not is really unknown at this point. This image is confusing. It is either a system...
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    Replacement/colored Gp32 Cases

    I mixed and matched induvidual bottles. The super casting kit only has enough rubber to make one half of a mold, so it is useless for the entire case. You will need to buy a number of pounds of mold making rubber seperately. This will run into multiple hundreds for the entire GP32 casing...
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    Replacement/colored Gp32 Cases

    No problem. I am using Alumilte products to create the molds, and will be casting using Alumilite resin and dyes (Though I will also be experimenting with other products for durability). All the equipment I purchased was bought from I really don't know if I will use them...
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    Replacement/colored Gp32 Cases

    Hi guys, I will try to answer as many questions as possible. The prices have not been set. I won't know this until I have made a large quantity. Only then will I be able to calculate an accurate average cost of materials. I will be offering induvidial peices as well as entire kits. It will...
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    Replacement/colored Gp32 Cases

    Unfortunately programming is one area of my life that has had to suffer because of other responsibilities. One of these days, I will package up the code and post it here on the forums. Perhaps someone will be able to take it further than I could. That doesn't mean I won't ever get back to it...
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    Replacement/colored Gp32 Cases

    Hey guys, It's been a long time since I've been around and I have a lot to catch up with. Just thought I would pop in a let you guys know that I have not forgotten about this scene, and that my plans to create replacement cases for the GP32 is still alive. Not as quickly as I would have...
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    Those who have ordered items from GBAX.COM should take a few minutes to rate the site on Many people use this site to test for an store's reliabily and it would help Craig out a lot if there were a bunch of positive reviews on there...
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    Retro Gamer Scum

    Both of those games have been released as freeware and are available for download from this site perfectly legally.
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    Driving Game

    Sorry for not keeping you guys up to date. At the moment, I haven't really been working on the engine at all. I have been concentrating my efforts on my freelance work and at the same time looking for a more permanent job here in Maine. Eventually, I will get round to finishing it off, or at...
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    Looking For A Digital Camera

    I would go with the Nikon you mentioned above. Nikon make some really serious cameras. I myself have one of these... ... though it falls slightly outside your budget :) Other than that, I think you should consider anything in the Canon range of cameras. They make really good CCDs so the...
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    Display Brightness On The Gp32

    I thought the heap was 12MB?? :/ Oh well, shouldn't matter anyway.
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    Gp Users Iq

    I got 135 on this one. "Visionary Philosopher" The questions on that test were pretty easy. I'm almost positive that I got all but maybe one correct, so i am guessing that the test probably caps out at 140. Dunno though.
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    GP32 Your Favourite SDK

    Yeah, there are only really 2 SDKs. Official Gamepark and Mirko's. Although, weren't you writing your own Low level API yourself Squidge?
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    I emailed them a while ago asking for hi res GP32 logos or Vector graphics, and they sent me a link to an FTP with pretty much everything I could possibly ask for. It took them a while to respond, but I was very happy with the reply.
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    Linux Users- Which Distro Do You Use??

    DO use BootIt NG.. It is a fantastic program. You can download it for free and write it to a bootable CD. I've used it to manage my partitions and it has always functioned flawlessly. The only problem is that it appears to use your BIOS to access the harddrive, so it requires your BIOS to...
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    Linux Users- Which Distro Do You Use??

    Yeah, you are probably right.. I beleive it is to do with the fact that it is a laptop and it has a "branded" bios with minimal settings. I used to use a program called BootIt NG to resize partitions, and this is a truly excellent program, however my harddrive died last year and I replaced it...