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    Release Dungeon Keeper PND for the GOG Version

    Just to throw in my own experiences regarding the speed differences between this qemu powered version and the dosbox version, on my ghz pandora I'm not noticing any major speed improvements for Dungeon Keeper and even feel the loading times might be a bit longer on this PND version (just a gut...
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    When Am I Getting My Pandora?

    Sometimes I wonder if you guys are actually losing money at this rate :P
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    Nub-Settings Video

    Can we configure the gaming controls: Left Nub - Mouse D-Pad - Page Up, Page Down L = Left Click R = Right Click Right Nub - Scroll Select and Start already have Ctrl and Alt :D Then I would have Del, Shift, Enter, Tab, Home, End, Esc, Fn etc for whatevers left on the D-Pad, ABXY and the...
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    Nub-Settings Video

    Awesome... This is what I wanted to see :D Btw, are the nubs pushable?
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    Pandora Wi-Fi On 350kilobytes/s

    I just want the Pandora to be able to utilize my WiFi to ITS fullest extent.
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    How Will You Customize Pandora's Os?

    XFCE and MiniMenu :D
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    Pandora Wi-Fi On 350kilobytes/s

    ^^ Local Server ~ 1/3 around the world My download speeds are usually average 1.5 MB with a high of 2.5 MB and a low of 30 KB. Life's pretty sweet. Got all my streaming and gaming needs out of this. I'm with the Comcast 3-in-1. I think its 250 channels, a telephone line and 15MB/sec DL with...
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    Linux Os?

    Non-technical huh... It could function as a labtop (more or less... w/o adequate flash as of yet) and you can play PS1 and before consoles (except a few). Games are made mby independent ppl (like iDevice games, but w/o the major companies). Umm... it's shiny and glossy. Btw, you're avatar...
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    Little Questionnaire

    3 media player 1 personal video1 personal audio1 house player 4 game console 2 simple or logic games1 emulated systems1 native games 2 computer companion 1 internet0 work/job1 personal
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    Will <Insert Name Here> Work On The Pandora?

    Will an NDS emulator work?
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    Will <Insert Name Here> Work On The Pandora?

    an NDS emulator considering if its made from scratch? from ports? I'm asking because their is a lot of conflicting theories on the many topics on NDS. Although it might not help to make this post, know that I'm asking for a detailed answer.
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    Usa Preorderers, Where Do You Live?

    San Jose, California :D
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    Current Release Data (Sept. 17)

    According to the UNNOFICAL Roadmap, the release date is Sept. 17. Since there are supposedly two weeks left to the guesstimate release date, it is likely that it will get more accurate or be moved. So, is it still Sept. 17? Will the date be changed? Or is there not enough info?
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    Stream Media From Pc, Tethering, Flash/divx, Songbird, Information App

    Yes well it is usually a border line thing. Sure STC doesn't HOST videos, is in a foreign country and uses some weird form of flash to protect themselves in their links further, but some people don't realize that. If STC (or ROMs, music, videos, etc since most ppl think most of them are...
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    Stream Media From Pc, Tethering, Flash/divx, Songbird, Information App

    Awesome. I have tried MyWi and managed to tether my iPhone 3G connection to my computer via USB. I haven't quite tested out the WiFi Channel BroadCasting portion because I have no other wi-fi devices to test it on, but I have a good feeling about this app. Anyway, I wonder if AT&T can figure out...
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    I love you.
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    Stream Media From Pc, Tethering, Flash/divx, Songbird, Information App

    There are lots of sites that I would like to stream on my Pandora :D YouTube and MegaVideo should be doable IMO. I wonder if iMobileCinema could be ported to teh Pandora... Oh well, with Gnash and developers in teh futurez creating even better forms of flash than IMC, I guess I have nothing...
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    Stream Media From Pc, Tethering, Flash/divx, Songbird, Information App

    I wish there was something like Joikuspot, but nothing that could work with it. At least using a 3G connection AFAIK. Maybe 3proxy Can the Pandora create an ad-hoc connection? Perhaps their might be a way through that. and terminal. The 3.0 software also enables tethering via bluetooth but I...
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    Stream Media From Pc, Tethering, Flash/divx, Songbird, Information App

    So, I've been lurking for a while and I have all these questions bottled up... I've migrated over from the iDevice community and their are a few privileges I don't want to give up... OrbLive has the ability to stream videos, music, photos and documents. Perhaps something similar can be...