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    WiFi, tests and CircuitCo (2011-06-17)

    It is a pity so many problems happened with production of parts (be it nubs, boards or cases). Good luck with finding new production company in Germany. might help with producing the PCBs, , ...
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    A summary of the last few weeks (2011-05-26)

    2 minute job? I don't think so. We once got a detailed status about boards being produced, being replaced, repaired etc. as well as a number of pandoras that were already produced and/or shipped (or was it orders?) - and I guess this took a day or more to figure out. Anyway, either you want...
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    A summary of the last few weeks (2011-05-26)

    Get real. This is additional bookkeeping work that is not necessary. Would you like them to send out 100-150 Pandoras per week but not getting exact numbers every week, or have them send out 70-100 Pandoras with exact numbers? I prefer the first one. Good, Fast, Cheap. Choose any two.
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    New cables, more boards (2011-04-15)

    Still not enough time to really enjoy my Pandora - too much work during the last days :-( Anyway, my pandora was delivered with two batteries (as ordered) and works just fine. TV-Cables are not in yet. Seems I got a faulty PSU (such is life), but charging via USB works fine. Support responded...
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    New cables, more boards (2011-04-15)

    According to UPS tracking, mine just arrived at home an hour ago. And I can't get home till friday night :-( Such is life.
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    New cables, more boards (2011-04-15)

    Well, I ordered from Germany and my feeling tells me I'm somewhere in the last quarter (I ordered quite late) - but I can't look into my old mails right now to check. Apart from that this discussion about queue position is imho a moot point (including USofA-meaning). The pandora team is doing a...
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    New cables, more boards (2011-04-15)

    Just got an email late yesterday telling me that my pandora is about to be shipped within the next few days (if I still want it - of course I do!). So I can confirm that things are still moving forward. Don't give up hope. I'll post an update when I have received my pandora ;-) And no, this is...
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    Storage Space Vs. Speed

    Actually I'd try to buy a 32GB class 6 card and another 16GB class 6 card for the money :-) At I see a 32GB card for a mere 69.99. [Edit] Then again you might want to consider card quality as well :-) which I can't comment on.
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    A Simple Answer To A Simple Question Please

    I do hate reality. It is always so restrictive. I wish we could just ship the pandoras now and take care of all the remaining problems (like getting all the parts, putting them together, do testing etc.) later... Tardis Express. When it must be there before you send it... Holger
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    Anyone Else Lost Interest?

    I guess everyone who ordered a pandora will get it soon after the release date :-P However, the 'money for goods'-thing only works with off-the-shelf objects you can buy in a store. If you invest money for something like a pandora, which is still in development, you mainly do this to support the...
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    Anyone Else Lost Interest?

    Actually I did order my pandora to support the case (no pun intended), no matter how long it takes. I don't need a pandora - I also don't need an iPod touch (but still have one, and it is a great little gadget to use). Of course all the delays are annoying, but how long does it take for big...
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    Nintendo 64 Emulation

    I found several open source emulators, eg. 1964 and daedalus. If daedalus is indeed platform independent, then it might be possible to optimize it for Pandora, don't you think? I had once installed an older N64 emulator under FreeBSD on a PC with a slow 3D graphics card, and it worked ok, so I...
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    Why does this thing cost more than a new PS3? (serious Q)

    I'd reason like this: Only 4000 are produced for the first batch. This includes all cost - including creating moulds, CNC-samples, layout etc. If pandora is going to sell in 100.000 or even 1.000.000 batches I'm pretty sure price is going to drop quickly - so you should order more! However...
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    Pandora als Wissenschaftlicher Taschenrechner

    Macht es da nicht mehr Sinn, auf der Pandora einen HP-48-Taschenrechner oder so zu emulieren? Schließlich ist die Pandora ja genau für solche Sachen da, dachte ich... :P
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    Pandora Cube

    I think we first need to define the usage profile for such a box and the required/available input/output connectors. Sorry if this has already been said on the pages before - haven't read all of them. I like the idea of being able to run all old atari 800 software (others might prefer C64...
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    Pandoras competition

    Great - Fantastic! This is something I was looking for for ages. How can I install this tool? Maybe it can also be used for organizing other files? It is always annoying to have all files on the desktop. Is this also available for windows? :oops: Seriously, I was looking for something like...
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    Pandoras competition

    I'd recommend jamendo for this They offer lots CC licensed music, and even for my strange taste I found more than 20GB of mp3-music worth listening to. Most expensive will be the SDHC-Card to store the music on :lol: One question though: Is there software to handle...
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    How bout an app store type app???

    the pandora file archive is quite nice imho, but I doubt we're allowed to host all files there. So will there be a list of external software and/or howtos as well? Like where to get/buy (legally) - original doom I,II,... levels - descent levels (descent 1, 2, ...) - MAME- and MESS-Roms and how...
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    Pandora as server?

    Regarding the USB-calculation: 500mA is the maximum load it can drive (or is it 300mA only? - I think some devices are only specified for 300mA current), so unless external systems are driven directly from USB this does not really count. If you need LAN for the pandora, then a simple...
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    Release First prodcution samples of Pandora keymat

    Images for every key have obviously been centered :-( See Q, Y, < (with the ,) etc. more or less obvious for other keys. I guess this will be fixed, yes? Regarding characters, please don't start another discussion. This is Linux, and for shell scripts etc one needs `, ´, ^, $, &, ~ etc. as...