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  1. GP32 Kirby

    I've Returned!

    Hey, it's been a long time since I was last here.. about 2 years ago I think :o I've returned, and I may frequent these boards again seeing I've ordered myself a GP2x from Lik-Sang lately, and I can't wait for it to arrive :D I also came back to ask a question regarding the Doom 64 PWAD for...
  2. GP32 Kirby

    A Fellow Gp32'er Returns :)

    Hi! Long time no see GP32'ers! Sorry for disappearing for quite awhile, I was worried my account died out or something but it turns out it's still here so that's a relief :) I havent been around since I wasnt finding anything exciting happening on the GP32 scene (well, not to my interests to say...
  3. GP32 Kirby

    Sonic Adventure 2 In A Nutshell - Video Edition Enjoy :D
  4. GP32 Kirby


    Just thought I'd look back at the page for the ol' discounted Nester project, when I found it's source code is now released, here's the author's words: If anyone's interested then go get it at his website:
  5. GP32 Kirby

    Sonic Adventure DX for PC

    Sorry If I'm a bit behind in knowing this, but has anyone actually known Sonic Team have been porting Sonic Adventure DX (GameCube remake of the original DreamCast title) to the PC? I only found out about this lately and downloaded the demo to try it out, though I didnt think it'd run that well...
  6. GP32 Kirby

    MIDI Player?

    I'm curious to know if a MIDI Player can be made using the MIDI synthesizer engine embedded in the DOOM and DOOM II ports (if I remember correctly, they played the .WAD's music files, which were .mid format music). It'd be great if a standalone MIDI Player could be made outta this, so I can...
  7. GP32 Kirby

    Going to upgrade my computer this weekend!!

    Hey people, sorry for my mispresence lately (if anyone actually noticed :P), been busy with stuff.. but now College is done for the holidays, and I'm loaded with cash (for once!!), so I think now's about time I should upgrade my computer.. I am going to get myself a graphics card and additional...
  8. GP32 Kirby

    "Laptop" idea

    Just a simple idea.. someone should design and make a little special "Laptop" like case design which can flip over, and the flipped up end will have a GP32-shape area where you can "clip" the GP32 into and treat it like a mini-minitor without holding it or letting it lean against somethin while...
  9. GP32 Kirby

    Internal sound logging?

    I wanna log sound from a PS1 tune, seeing no OST or MP3 for the music exists as far as I've searched.. so I attempted to run the game on an emulator to see if I could log the sound with the emulator's sound-logging function, but it doesnt have one! Any way I can do some sort of internal sound...
  10. GP32 Kirby


    Just thought I'd say.. HAPPY BIRTHDAY AXEMAN! The man who organized the great brit meet-up for our beloved GP32 :D Also a Birthday mention goes to MrT, who's also celebrating his Birthday today :)
  11. GP32 Kirby

    The Kirby Krew!

    Here's a Flash movie preview that, with enough time found to do so, I will be able to work on and bring out when complete. It's awhile away yet but check the preview pic on this Flash file: Whacha think? Took me awhile to draw that out in Flash vector...
  12. GP32 Kirby

    Yeti3D Engine update!

    Just a little bit of news that work on the Yeti3D Engine is being continued, and at the moment features of curved surfaces/slops/terrain grounds are being worked on. This could make the possibilities of what kinda games could be made from the engine near-endless :D More details at
  13. GP32 Kirby

    What's on your christmas list?

    For any specific console, what games are ya getting between now and Christmas (or on Christmas day as a pressie)? Here's my list of most-wanted GameCube games Mario Kart: Double Dash!! (gettin it this Friday! W00t! :D) Viewtiful Joe (graphics just look totally amazing..) Mario Party 5 (with a...
  14. GP32 Kirby

    What is your avatar of?

    Just a random off-topic discussion... what is your avatar of, and why/what/how did you decide it to be your avatar? I'm only referring to the avatars used on this board, so that anyone who reads wont be confused if you talk about an avatar used on a completely different website message board ;)...
  15. GP32 Kirby

    What the?

    Now this is weird... I posted a topic about the new 3D Engine on GP32 released at the news zone board, and i got that weird error thingy (which i was told to ignore cuz my post would had gotten through anyway) and i saw that the post was infact there.. sooner or later i left the boards, then...
  16. GP32 Kirby

    Which OS are you

    Here's a lil quiz I stumbled upon in another forum, thought I'd post it here too... Here's my result: Sounds good enough for me... :)
  17. GP32 Kirby


    I'm trying to access a page which my friends can view, but I cannot. Instead, I am being re-directed to a stupid auto-search page "powered by ClearSearch", so i figure some annoying program or something's self-installed into my computer, as I browsed around my program files folder to discover a...
  18. GP32 Kirby

    Update on 3D Engine

    gp32news announces engine demo will be released soon! :D Also check out this map (based on Wipeout 2097) created on the engine too, it loox cool :)
  19. GP32 Kirby

    GP32 Not exactly for the GP32 Hardware, but...

    Well, you know how some people go on to risking their GP32 doing things which are told that are dangerous but they never knew it yet (flashing filmware on low battery power, for example). Well a simple idea to overcome this is to include some sort of a "safety" leaflet that comes with your...
  20. GP32 Kirby

    Does anyone here use Swish Max?

    For those who dont know, Swish Max is a 3rd party (unofficial yet commercial) Flash creation tool, which makes creating Flash movies a whole lot easier than the standard Flash creation kit (which was total hell to me..). I was wanting help on improving my skills with Swish Max (only just got it...