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    What''s My Gp32 Worth Now If Anything?

    Hi, Just curious as to what I should expect to get for my GP32? gp32_console GP32 FLU running GPBioS (currently booting Slubman firmware). 128MB Memory card GP32 USB Cable USB Memory Card Reader Boxed with manual. Great condition - only flaw is the usual cracking of the clip on the battery...
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    Remind Me What I Have Here?

    Hi, It's certainly been a long time since I've been on here! Found my poor old GP32 in the drawer, dusted it off and it still works like it did when I stuck it in there! I am hoping someone can tell me what I have stuck on it exactly firmware wise so I can maybe sell it on (if I don't start...
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    Gp32 Flu Questions...

    Just a few questions about my gp32_console. I got the unit secondhand and it has become apparent that the battery cover clip is failing (starting to crack at the 'bend'). Can you get replacements for these? Secondly my unit is a FLU and the hole for the button on the back of the unit seems...
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    Gp32 Development Scene Status?

    with gp2x out now are people still developing for the gp32? are there any lists of ongoing projects? can we expect full snes support (or at least to drmd levels?). basically has everyone moved on?
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    Wtb: Cheapest Gp32 You Can Offer Me!

    all conditions considered!
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    Gp32 Current Value?

    hi, basically as the title says! what are the current values for the different gp32 models? have they gone down in price since the gp2x has appeared? getting itchy feet now it may be more likely to get one on the cheap :P. anyone got one in the uk to sell me (any model/condition...