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    Where Are You From?

    +1 And proud of it :D
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    Two New Videos From Gp32spain I think the PSP has a better screen : and
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    Interlogic Gp32

    Nice :D Excellent port and it works really well!
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    Evildragons Gp2x Shop, Opens Today, Gp2x 165euro !

    What about 'shipping' to the Netherlands? I assume you will do this for little extra? And what payment options will I have?
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    No More Tv-out?

    Btw is TV-out going to work with 16:9 TVs? And if so will we have black balks?
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    This is probably as close to an anwser we will get with the lack of actually testing! Thanks! Higher bitrate equals more space, equals less naked anime girls :o Oh and all PSP stuff is in AVC!
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    With the PSP supporting AVC now how big is the change that the GP2x will support it? Perhaps it wont be included out of the box but I assume it will be possible hardware wise. XBMC has some problems with AVC but thats in a lot higher resolution. The PSP supports this : AVC Decoder AVC(H.264)...
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    Gp2x Sdk?

    Nazi Pinguins from Lemuria ;) I still think that you're hiding something, afterall the Squidge I know is such a gadet freak that he even bought a Gizmondo! The fact that you know about something combined with your hardware hacking past makes things quite clear! edit ...
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    Gp2x Sdk?

    We implys a group of people! So I bet you know more! (or its a typo :o)
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    Gpx2 Has Tv-out?

    You're making quite a name for yourself DaveC, is their anything, anything at all that you DO like about the Gpx2. Besides that we all know that the Gpx2 is only going to be bought by geeks, geeks love p0rno and nothing beats watching p0rn on the big screen! If I had to decide between the PSP...
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    Gpquake 0.6 Beta

    Battery's are charging as we speak! I'll give it a try asap! THANKS!
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    What's More Attractive To You? Gpx2 Or Xgp?

    The one that has the best scene support. I'm one of those guys that doesn't have enough money to buy both.
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    Yeti3d Website Gone... Also gone Google chache still works though :
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    Drmd Version 2.0

    WOW :o I'm REALLY looking forward to DRsms.
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    I used to use it but it eats about the same ammount of memory as the explorer and twice the ammount op CPU usage. That's why I went back.
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    What Groups Of Tech Fans That Scare/worry You?

    You just have some kind of hate problem, what was it? abused by Micheal Jakson? never listended to Queen in you youth? perhaps you're a communist but afraid to come out for it? Dyslexia about 10% of today's population has it in some way, about 2% of the internet population has it in the...
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    How To End A Horrible Job....

    Yeah that works for school to expect that i'm still not being payed for wasting my time at boring clases learning stuff that I could have learned while watching cartoons.
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    Got Around To Make A Little Website

    Six HTML errors including that you don't even have a Doctype :-\ Still not bad but try to fix them asap it might save you some work later.
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    Bunny Traps V1.0

    Awesome game definly something you have to try it :D
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    There Is Some "movement" At Rlyeh's Site

    It sure seems to be something big :D Looking forward to it!