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    I've Only Got Sd Cards To Play With

    Today is a frustrating day. I was expecting my gp2x to arrive and when I got home I saw a parcel and got all excited. I ripped it open and low and behold, it was my SD cards and card reader. No gp2x yet. :( So now I have 3 2GB SD cards to fill in preparation. I already have one card filled...
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    Look What I Found On Ebay

    Delivered to your door for only £205!!!!! Comes complete with a 256mb SD card! Ebay GP2X :lol:
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    GP2X Python/pygame Question

    I saw Python in the WIP section of the wiki. I have a little knowledge of the language and a few tutorial books laying around too, so does that mean even I could be developing small apps and things as soon as I get my GP2X? Python is a high level language so it will always be slow as hell on...
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    Questions From A New Person

    Hi! Late last night I was brainstorming and searching ebay for a Neo Geo Pocket Color. I found a few pretty cheap and got fairly excited about playing Samurai Showdown, Metal Slug etc. I can't remember where I saw the GP32 for sale, but somehow I found myself looking into the GP32 and I was...