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    Current Release Data (Sept. 17)

    According to the UNNOFICAL Roadmap, the release date is Sept. 17. Since there are supposedly two weeks left to the guesstimate release date, it is likely that it will get more accurate or be moved. So, is it still Sept. 17? Will the date be changed? Or is there not enough info?
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    Stream Media From Pc, Tethering, Flash/divx, Songbird, Information App

    So, I've been lurking for a while and I have all these questions bottled up... I've migrated over from the iDevice community and their are a few privileges I don't want to give up... OrbLive has the ability to stream videos, music, photos and documents. Perhaps something similar can be...
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    Random Shutdowns In Windows... Linux And Mac Fine... Even Tried Restor

    Ok, so for some reason I have experiencing random shutdowns when I'm in windows. I've tried restoring, but after a while it happened again. But when I leave Linux on for the night, I don't experience any shutdown. Here's what SpeedFan shows: As you can see... it's...
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    Online TV Application?

    What's a good online TV Application that would provide streaming of many USA Channels (Don't care about the other stuff as long as its American).
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    Good Pc Fighting Game

    Does anybody know any good fighting games for PC. Something w/ 2-player and perhaps PC gamepad support (if not, I'll use Xpadder) My specs: nVidia GeForce 9800 GTX+ (1 GB Video Card) 6 GB RAM Intel Core i7 (2.93 GHz Processer) Vista x64
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    Tv-out Questions

    1) What is the length of the wie? 2) What would provide "better" quality: S-Video or Composite
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    Nand For First Batch Pandoras?

    Is it the second batch that will 512 MB NAND or does that include all Pandoras?
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    Sdhc 32 Gb Price In China

    I happen to have a friend who goes to China for days every month or so to visit her family and well, I was wondering if the price of SDHC 32 GB cards are cheaper there... If I were to buy one over in China, would it cost less than $90?
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    Pandora As A Remote Control

    My friend who owns a hacked PSP 2000 says he could control a TV with his PSP... Could this be implemented into the Pandora
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    Information Index... Recreated

    There were a couple of factors that led me to do this... The links werent working and some of my friends who also wanted to have one were complaining, I needed a cover up for a domain I used on which I uploaded illegalz and well... it was friday and my parents were home. I already got 50 points...
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    Pandora Interwebz

    Is it possible to tether a Pandora to an iPhone 3G's 3G network... I realize that "real" bluetooth has just been started for teh iPhone and with the arrival of the new fw, it would require lots of work, but if bluetooth for iphone does happen, should this be possible... Another q is that can a...
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    What Is The Op Logo?

    Is it the box thing or the P?
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    The Pandora Usb...

    Can the Pandora USB Port Supply Power to a USB Hub/Other USB Device?
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    Pandora Car Charger?

    I've heard that the Pandora Charger is Universal, but can you charge it through your car?
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    Pandora Controllers?

    Would anyone be interested in this? Not pushing or asking or nuthin... Just sayin if it may spark interest in someone... I mean there should be people out there that could develop mock-ups of the Sony, XBox, Wii, Saturn, etc.. controllers at a cheaper price (USB and Wireless) who want to do...
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    Two 16-gigs Or One 32-gig?

    If I were to buy 32 Gigs worth of SDHC cards, would two 16-gig cards be better or one 32-gig?
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    Logitech Controller For Pandora

    After talking this over with my parents, I'm going to get a Logitech Cordless Rumble... It works with Windows and Linux so I can use it for gaming and it should be compatible with the Pandora. All I need is confirmation, and I'll get one in April-July...
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    Two-player Mode + Emulators?

    Im thinking.... Most consoles have two-player games... I mean almost ever console does.. NES, PSX, N64 etc... So, Is it possible to play two-player through bluetooth controllers... I have a PS3 one and Im thinking of getting a Logitech one... If it is possible, can someone implement this if...
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    Pandora + Controller

    I was wondering if people are interested in using the TV-Out and a PS3 Controller in conjunction. By all means, I bought the Pandora for portability, but I have a nice couch... a large TV.... loud speakers.... people to annoy... and a lot of food and blankets.... I guess what I'm saying is...
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    Dual-boot Vista + Ubuntu

    So now, Im thinking of dual-booting. Ive found a good tutorial (it applies to 8.04, but it should go into 8.10 as well, right?) My questions are can I mod the partitions after Ubuntu is installed. Like if I found out...