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    A Few Quick Links Please

    i decided to start using my gp2x again after many months of ignoring it :( . since i was a fairly active member before im hoping someone can help me out so i dont have to search through 100's of pages. :D thanks for any help any new games which people thought were good, id like to check them...
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    Stuck Pixel

    i have a stuck pixel on my mini LCD ( stuck pixels are the black ones yes, i hope). well what i have is 3 pixels at the bottom of the screen, which areblack kind of looking. i heard they were fixable. anyway i was wonering how i could fix them. i cant use the method of the damp cloth because...
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    Lo People, Need A Bit Of Help

    hey people i need some help which TV seems better to all you? i seem to be quite impressed with the phillips one, im going to go check all these out in currys soon to see for picture quality. but the phillips one seems to be the best buy. i was just wondering if anyone else had experience with...
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    Squidge Snes 0.37

    I got squidge snes working but many roms dont seem to be running at a good stable speed some roms work ok, but most run at 2-9fps i was just wondering if its bad roms i have or if the emu stlll needs to be improved. thanks ;)
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    Make Nintendo Pay

    Well ive mentioned this a few times but the new ds lite pad sucks real big time for metroid prime, mario 64 ds and splintercell, and im sure others i want us all to rise against nintendo and tell them to stop selling us crap. All of you which have the same problem as me should all send emails to...
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    Hooking My Gamecube Up To A Pc Monitor

    I have a pc monitor in my garage which i would like to use to play gamecube on, but i cant find a cable to hook the two up together. or even multiple cables to hook the two up together, aslong as it stops me from having to buy a new tv. Is it not possible to use the monitor just as a tv? ive...
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    Mario Kart Ds Help

    when i go on wi fi, go on friends and search, my friend im speaking to on msn wont show up, and after a while it says i have been disconnected from the server. error code 86420 yes i added his friend code, and a blue symbol with a person appears, showing i think my friend is onine, but it will...
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    Ds Lite, Two Processors??? well looking from that site it looks so sorry if this isnt new, but its a surprise to me
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    The Back On My Gp2x Wont Come Off!

    Just like the title the back of my gp2x wont come off. I unscrewed all 4 screws! I dont think im missing any (btw i have an MK1) anyway, the top comes off fine slightky, but when i try take of the bottom, it wont budge(i tried forcing it, but i dont want to break the case either) Does anyone...
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    Pictochat On Ds, Whats It All About?

    Well, i only just realized really, but what is the point of picto chat on ds. It only works for people in a 10m radius, meaning you might aswell go seapk to them. When i first heard about it, i thought it would be some type of msn. i thought you would connect through wi-fi and speak to...
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    Where To Buy Cheap Duel Layer Blank Dvd's

    Hi i hate to start a new topic again on this type of question but ive never got most of the dvd stuff anyway as in the title does anyone know where i can buy blank duel layer dvds like thos cheap ones you get in spindles i know you can buy them, just hard to find where hor a good price so far i...
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    Nintendo Ds Lite Questions

    hi people im in england, meaning i cant get a dslite till 23rd of june. Anyway i was just wondering if anyone had pro's and cons of the ds lite i doubt its true but people said the screens were smaller, and sound was less loud, is it ture? I have a ds and can trade it in and only pay 60pounds...
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    Heroes V

    Hi there people i was going to buy heroes V but i cant find the minimum specs anywhere. anyone know?
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    Opening The Gp2x

    not to long ago i done a thread is it was risky to open the gp2x. And people told me just to open it lol. so today i had free time and went ahead only problem is now - i looked through my rather big collection of screwdrivers, and none fit into the gp2x. So i was wondering what everyone else...
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    Summer Burn

    hey all las year i randomly joined the summer burn, to recieve and send cd's away. And its on again this year anyway to sign up you go to i promise this isnt junk, i signed up last year and recieved my cd i surprisingly got no spam or shit through...
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    Gp2x Screen Help

    I know this has already been answered quite a few times, and im sorry but my story is a bit different. When i first got my gp2x, i accidently put this smudge mark on the back of the screen. it hasnt really bothered me to much. but today ive decided to take action I was thinking about taking off...
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    Computor Monitor Problems!

    Well this is going to sound wierd but one day i turn on my laptop and the screen is all blurry. Other wierd thing is that my desktop background is fine. but things like mozilla, start menu and stuff have gone wierdly blury. Ive looked through all the settings, but i cant seem to find the...
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    Mpeg 4 Converter For Mobiles

    Hi guys i was wondering if any one knew of a good mpeg 4 converter for mobile phones. I looked around but none seemed to have the option for a mobile phone. Also if anyone knows any sites to get mobile games for free, would be nice. i looked all over google but it just came up - FREE, then pay...
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    Help, Urgent For Firmware 2.0.0

    I just upgradeed my firmware the firmware display went smooth but now its crashed on the green screen it says its firmware 2.0.0 is it safe to turn it off?
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    Nintendo Wii

    O yes the nintendo wii is the new revolutions name and just like the ps3 controller it sucks. Wii it will blaintently be called the nintendo piss by sony fanboys read that to know why its a sucky reason they just had to go spoil it...