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    My New Project

    Well, I've started a new project. I am trying to build a small game console called the RetroConsole. It is intended to be a fpga based console that will simulate all the classic 8bit gaming consoles. I have been working on this for months so I thought I might as well make a web page about...
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    The Future of Portable Emulators

    Ok, I have played the gamepark and love it. It really is an amazing machine capable of great emulations. So I always have fun breaking out my crystal ball to look into the future. Please note, this is just my personal opinion and may be inaccurate. I am just going off on a tangent here :)...
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    Atari 800 GP32 0.4 Review

    Ok, my batteries just died on my gp32 so I'm going to take this break to write up a quick review of Atari 800 GP32 version 0.4. There are a lot of emulators out there on the GP, but be sure not to overlook this one. This is a wonderful, option-filled emulator that worked with practically every...