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    Going To Usa - Customs

    Hi, I will go to the US and was wondering how firm the custom rules are applied leaving US again. Will probably do some shopping there and the amount I can spend duty free is probably not enough and adding 20% to a bill will ruin the savings. Primarily planning on buying some clothing there...
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    Casual Gaming And Emulators

    Casual gaming (ie popcap games) appears to be a very new kind of gaming, but I have noticed there are older titles that fall into this category. I am looking for them for someone who has a Linux desktop and is into this kind of gaming. There are not a lot of good games that fall into this...
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    Assign Buttons (Low Level)

    Hi, I want to assign a key that is faulty (hardware) to another key. This needs to be done low level and probably fool op_test_inputs as well. Tried adjusting .pndXmodmap, but that will not work in all programs (i.e. Picodrive) Any help appreciated. thx b_o_b
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    Select Ctrl Button Doesn't Respond

    Hi, My Pandoras Select CTRL button doesn't respond. I have used op_test_inputs to verify. Can I conclude that my Pandora has a hardware failure? b_o_b
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    Freecom Mobile Drive 500Gb

    Will this work on a Pandora? I hope it does, because I already bought one... :) The dutch version...
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    Bitme Invite

    Hi all, Can someone send me an invite for bitme? I'm looking for some audiobooks, I hope to find something there. PM me for my email address. I would really appreciate it!
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    Current Status Of Emulators

    The more I read about the Dingoo, the more I'm interested in it. Low price, good battery life, fast boot and good d-pad are the more obvious ones. I haven't read anywhere (but I could have missed something) that there are emulators on the Dingoo that are working better on a Dingoo than a GP2X...
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    Reputation System Ip.board

    The current reputation system doesn't look right to me. I have the impression a lot more posts are voted down then voted up. You should encourage people to speak up on a forum, and imo you will not accomplish that by allowing people to give everybody a -1. Even helpful posts or normal questions...
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    Sean Moss-pultz Talks About Openmoko

    Very interesting talk from the Openmoko CEO Sean Moss-Pultz. His honest remark that he is still using a blackberry because his Freerunner is not reliable enough to use as a daily phone, is a great example of an open company being open. CODE I see...
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    I've just ordered an Android G1 Devphone! Can't wait to try it out. Are there any other owners here? Any best apps, games?
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    Protect Data

    Just tried to protect some files by encrypting them. I have never done that, and in ubuntu that is pretty easy. Create a pgp file and you can use the file by entering a password and save the file. Easy but not very usable. I would prefer a method that a folder is protected and not accessible...
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    Best Ds Game For Adults

    I'm looking for some good games for a DS for my brother. He has been operated and will have to keep rest for a while. I'd like to give him some games for his DS to keep him occupied for a while. Looking for titles that are suited for adults. No kiddy stuff, no complex rules and no rpg's. He...
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    New Ebook Reader From Irex

    I have been waiting for something like this for a long time. You can read a lot of standard documents on A4 sized pages, even powerpoint and doc files. Its best feature for me is the capability to read PDF and show it on this size without having to scroll through the page or have to zoom...
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    Eighties Shirt

    I'm searching for a funny print on a t-shirt for an 80's party. Ideas? It needs to be black on a white T-Shirt.
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    Can't Reach Forum

    I can't reach the forum. The only way for me to reach it by using a proxy server. Are there some ip ranges blocked? I've tried with 2 ip addresses (the same provider in the Netherlands) This is the only site with this issue.
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    Songs/music You Can't Stand

    I love a lot of music, but there are some songs that I really find irritating and extremely annoying. 1. Toto - Africa (This should be banned from broadcasting for ever!) :angry: 2. Foreigner - I want to know what love is 3. Champaign - how bout us 4. Muse (please stop the singer!) Anyone...
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    What Are You Looking Forward To?

    I'm really looking forward to this amazing new plaything they call Pandora. That said there is one thing I even am looking forward to more.. the Freerunner!! the new OpenMoko phone. I think it will be out pretty soon now. Share your fetish here and maybe I can turn this into a nice poll later. :)
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    Live Stream Capability Out Of The Box

    Probably the only reason I will use wifi on the Pandora will be for listening/watching live streams like youtube, radio etc. I hope they will all work out of the box. Until now I only have seen one distro capable of doing that out of the box and that is Xandros for the eeepc. Most...
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    Pandora And Open Source Vs Closed Source

    Because of the wifi capabilities of Pandora, I think it it more important that software is open source on the Pandora than on the GP2X. I'm not a big fan of freeware because you never know what kind of surprises are included in the code. Not really bothered me on the GP2X, but I think I will...
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    Retro Gaming Blog

    I've reviewed some games here. That was a rather time-consuming activity and I was not always pleased with the result, so I thought it might be a better idea to start a basic blog primarily to make small comments/reviews on games with youtube videos. I'd like to use this thread to keep...